Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 623

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“Zoe, you said that I snatched Cole away from you. Did you see me with him?” Avery stood by the side of
the car and questioned Zoe, “Call Cole out now! We’ll ask him!”

“No! If he knows that I came to look for you, he’ll break up with me!” Zoe said painfully, “I saw the photo
of you two at the nightclub! He already admits it, yet you still dare to deny it!”

“Night club? I have never been to a place like that! Either he is lying, or he mistook me for someone
else!” Avery enunciated, “There’s a woman who looks like me called Nora. You better check properly and
see whether that woman in the photo is called Nora!”

“But Cole said that it’s you!” Zoe did not believe Avery’s words, after all, they had a grudge against each
other long ago.

“Then, you can just continue hating me!” Avery calmly replied, “Don’t come looking for me again for your
stupid affairs between you and Cole. If not, the next time, I’ll get the guards to kick you out.”

Zoe clutched her waist which still hurt a little. She sobbed hoarsely, “If the child in me dies, I won’t let you
give birth to yours 34 either!”

Avery said, “Then, we’ll have to see whether you have this ability to do so or not.”

Avery strodecd away.

At the Sterling Group’s President’s office.

On his computer screen, a news notification suddenly popped up. The headlines stated that a certain
leader visited the Tate Industries thatge day.

Beneath the headline was a small photo. A blue figure attracted Elliot’s notice. He clicked into the news
and saw the photo enlarged.

Avery was wearing a light-blue loose dress that day. She smiled gently and elegantly. Although she has a
baby bump, she still looked sprightly.

Ben pushed open Elliot’s door to call him for lunch.

“Do you have anything going on tonight?” Ben knocked on Elliot’s desk. “What are you looking at so
engrossed in?”

Elliot shut off the webpage and got up from the chair. “Are you organizing?”

“I usually organize but I don’t see you joining much either,” Ben teased, “I’m planning to head over to
Avery’s for a free meal. Chad and I have agreed to it. Are you going? They are having an event tonight.”

“Not going.” Elliot refused without thinking.

“You’re always like this. You say you won’t go but you’ll be there quicker than anyone else.” Ben sighed.
“You should just say it directly! Even if you don’t miss Avery, won’t you miss the child in her tummy? I
saw the photo in the news today. Her tummy grew bigger again.”

Elliot pursed his lips. He did not say anything.

“Elliot, has she returned the bank card that you gave her a few days ago?” Ben went in closer to Elliot’s
ears and asked pryingly.

Elliot said, “She didn’t contact me.”

“Oh, that means she hasn’t returned it yet. You gave her so much money. It’s not too much for us to go
get a free meal.” Ben hesitated for a while before continuing, “Don’t get too close to Nora in the future. If
Avery is angry, that means that she’s jealous. If she’s jealous, that means she still cares for you.”

“When she is with other men, I don’t see her caring about my feelings,” Elliot said with a


“She’s a pregnant woman now. Don’t be so petty with her.”

At night, at the event.

There was a crowd at the banquet hall. It was mostly the staff of the company. Avery and Tammy were
sitting by the corner eating and chatting, so no one noticed that Elliot and his group entered.

After they entered, Chad was pulled away by Mike to go drinking. Ben started chatting with a few higher-
ups of Tate Industries.

No one dared to talk to Elliot, so he could only find a spot to sit down and drink in silence.

A few of the women at the table in front of him were chatting secretly among themselves.

“The woman seems to be pregnant too! I saw her pulling Miss Tate’s hair! She was vicious! I initially
wanted to rush over to help Miss Tate, but her bodyguard was one step ahead, he kicked the woman to
the ground!”

“What? This happened? Who is that woman? How bold of her!”

“I don’t know! I didn’t see her face! Miss Tate does not want this to spread out. Don’t tell others.”

When Elliot heard this, anger instantly rose in his eyes!

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