Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 732

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Avery pulled out her phone, found Shea’s number, and dialed it.

The call went through, but nobody answered.

After the call was ended automatically, she called Wesley.

Wesley very quickly answered the phone and said, “How are you doing, Avery? How’s Robert’s

“I’m doing well. Robert’s also doing well right now… The doctor said that Shea came to the hospital this
morning and that she looked very pale. I tried calling her but there was no answer. I’m a little worried
about her.”

Alarm bells began to ring in Wesley’s mind.

“I’ll go see her right now.”

“Okay. Let me know once you’ve seen her. She usually looks just fine, why would she suddenly look
pale? If her complexion looks really bad, take her to the hospital for a check-up.”

“Got it.”

Wesley hung up the phone, then immediately called Shea’s bodyguard.

When the bodyguard picked up the phone, Wesley asked anxiously, “Where’s Shea right now? Is she

“She fell asleep in the car. We’re almost home,” responded the bodyguard.

“Shea’s complexion doesn’t look great today, Mr. Brook. I wonder if it’s because she woke up too early
this morning.”

The bodyguard did not know that Shea had donated blood the night beforeThe blood was drawn in
Wesley’s father’s office.

“Take her home to rest. I’m on my way over.”


At the hospital, Avery was surprised when Henry’s family showed up.

“Avery, my parents wanted to come to see you a few days ago after hearing that you’d given birth, but
my uncle said that you were in a bad mood so we didn’t end up coming,” Cole said.” How’s the baby

“He’s fine for now,” Avery responded.

“That’s good. Why isn’t my uncle here?” Cole asked curiously as he glanced around.

“He’s gone to find blood sources.” Avery turned to Henry and Olivia, then said, “The baby’s in the
intensive care unit right now and can’t take visitors. There’s nowhere here to entertain you either.”

“That’s fine. We just dropped by to take a look and will leave soon.” Olivia pulled out a packet of cash
said, “This is a small gift for Robert. We hope he recovers and leaves the hospital soon.”

Avery could not decline the gift, so she accepted it and said, “Thank you.”

“You look a lot more haggard than before, Avery.” With a kind face, Olivia consoled her and said,
“Robert will be fine as long as Elliot’s around to take care of him. You shouldn’t worry too much and
focus on your recovery.”

“Avery is an amazing doctor. She might be able to help in Robert’s treatment. How could she recover in

“Ah, I almost forgot about that. Since Elliot isn’t here, then let’s have Cole stay here with you, ” said

Avery immediately declined and said, “It’s fine. There are doctors and the bodyguard here…”

“Let me stick around for a while, Avery! I’ll leave once my uncle gets back,” Cole said, cutting her off.

“Robert is my cousin, after all.”

The word “cousin” made Avery fall silent.

Once Henry and Olivia left, Cole was much more relaxed.

“My parents want to have a good relationship with you and my uncle, Avery. That’s what I want, too.
Since my grandmother passed away, my uncle’s never gone back to the old mansion. The entire place
is cold and quiet. It shouldn’t be that way. I’ll treat you as my aunt from now on and do whatever you tell
me to do…”

Avery raised her brows at him and said, “Is your company in trouble? Do you need your uncle’s help

“How could you say something like that…”

“Didn’t you say I’m your aunt? Is that how you speak to your aunt?” Avery snapped.

“Listen up, Cole Foster. If you want to kiss up to your uncle, go ahead and do it directly. You’ll get
nothing doing it through me,” Avery said, then shoved the packet of cash back to Cole and said, “Take
this since you’re short on money!” Cole’s temples pulsed with anger, but he could only endure it.

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