Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 789

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Layla took the phone and looked at her mother from the screen, before muttering, “Mom, he didn’t
knock when he came I thought bad people had come inside...”

She did not have the courage to confess to Avery.If only her brother was around.

Layla decided that he would tell her brother about what happened when he got home so that he could
help come up with a solution.

Avery relaxed at Layla‘s explanation and said gently, “Layla, I feel like you are in a bad mood today. Did
something happen at your classmate‘s place? Don‘t be scared, you can tell me anything.”

Elliot stood by the side and felt odd when he heard what Avery said.

“Layla went to her classmate‘s house today?‘ He thought, ‘it must have something to do with why she is
acting odd.‘

“I‘m fine, Mom,” Layla said while sneaking a glance at Elliot‘s direction.

“If something happened, you have to tell me. You can call me anytime you want,” Avery reminded.

“I know, Mom,” Layla said and blew a kiss at the screen.

After the video call ended, Layla handed Mike his phone back.

Mike put the phone away and stared at Elliot warily. “Who are you looking for? What do you want?”

“I want to speak with Layla alone,” Elliot said, “I want to apologize to her for scaring her just now.”

“Apologize right here! There is no need to talk to her alone.” Mike wasn‘t sure what Elliot was thinking,
so there was no way that he would allow Elliot to be alone with Layla.

“Layla, please believe me when I say that I would never hurt you.” Elliot turned his attention to Layla
and said, “if I ever hurt you, let the gods punish me by never letting me see your mother again.”

Layla had buried herself into Mike‘s arms but instantly felt less frightened at Elliot‘s words.She
struggled to get down and lifted her chin. “I happen to have something to tell you as well.”

Elliot nodded and followed her to the guest room on the first floor. Once they were inside,

Elliot gently closed the door behind them.

“Why are you so scared of me, Layla?” Elliot couldn‘t wait to ask, “what happened when you were at
your classmate‘s house today? Your mom isn‘t around right now, so you can tell me.”

Layla frowned at his words. He was the one who sent someone to her classmate‘s house, asking for
the box. Did he forget about it?

“Layla, I am your father. Even if you won‘t admit it, it doesn’t change the nature of our relationship. I will
bear the responsibility of a father protect you with everything I have.” Elliot opened up to her when he
noticed her hesitation.

“Weren‘t you the one who sent a woman there to look for me and threaten to kill my bodyguard...?”
Layla clenched her fists angrily and asked.

Elliot‘s eyes glammed coldly at the realization that someone had threatened Layla using his name!

‘How abhorrent! It‘s no wonder that Layla seems so scared when she sees me,‘ he thought.

“It wasn‘t me, Layla! Why would I kill you bodyguard? I pay all bodyguards that work here extra every
month. I couldn‘t possibly send someone to threaten you as well.” He hastily squatted down and looked
her directly in the eyes.

“What did that lady tell you to do?”

Layla‘s eyes reddened in fear at Elliot‘s explanation. If Elliot was not the one who sent that woman, it
meant that she had been fooled and handed Elliot‘s belongings to a bad person.

Thinking that Elliot would be furious if he learnt the truth, Layla started crying.

“Boohoo... I am such an idiot...”

Elliot‘s heart ached at her tears and lifted her up, before gently wiping her tears away.

“Don’t cry, Layla. As long as you are safe, nothing else matters.”

“But I gave your stuff to someone else...” Layla looked at him through the tears and pouted as she
confessed, “it‘s the... the crimson–colored box...”

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