Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 899

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"I told you to keep an eye out for any movements made by Wonder Technologies.What’s going on over
there right now?" Avery asked.

"Wanda has hidden away from the public, saying that she has fallen sick.Right now, another
stakeholder of the company manages all operations of Wonder Technologies,"

Shaun said,"While you were recovering from childbirth, Wonder Technologies kept making huge
moves.They first bought out an online shopping platform that was about to announce bankruptcy,
before establishing an alliance with dozens of enterprises… They are switching markets because they
know that they couldn’t beat us in drones, so now they are trying to develop towards the electronics

Avery remained thoughtful for a moment.

"Has Wanda been kicked out of the game?" Shaun shook his head.

"No.The company might be switching to a different field, but the management style still belongs to
Wanda.I heard from a friend that their goal is to list."

Avery lowered her gaze and started thinking of ways to counteract.

"Avery, have you ever considered listing the company? Your enterprise has been a huge success
overseas but you haven’t had it listed yet."

"Yes, I won’t consider it," she said, "I can still make money without listing my company.There are far too
many restrictions that come with being listed so I don’t like it."

"Hahaha! I knew it.Quite a lot of people have come and asked me if we need investments and I’ve
turned them all down; Wanda is the exact opposite of you, who kept trying to attract assets.She has to
keep throwing money into the market if she wants to attract more consumers, so it’s kind of like she is
paying for consumers… If she manages to become the number one in the industry and have her
company listed, everyone else will lose to her."

Avery studied the longing look on Shaun’s face and asked, "Do you want to work for her?"

"I won’t lie.Their HR did contact me, but I turned down the offer.Making money is important, but so is
being happy at work.I prefer your management style, which just focuses on doing what we do best and
not getting distracted."

"I can feel myself wavering."

Avery confessed her struggle and said, "I wanted to take an eye for an eye.I want to kill Wanda and
have her suffer a horrible death…"

Shaun gasped.

"Avery, I understand how you feel, but there will be consequences if you are caught.The company
cannot survive without you, and your children need you.Karma will soon come for a woman as vicious
as Wanda."

"But what if she doesn’t ever get what’s coming for her? My mother has lived her life modestly and
carefully, but look at what the gods have done to her!"

Avery sobbed, "If only I had no kids and nothing to lose, I wouldn’t have allowed her to live until now! I
don’t care if it costs me my life, as long as she dies!"

"Calm down, Avery,"

Shaun walked to her side and consoled her, "It’s not the right time yet.You are at a stage where you are
meant to grow stronger.Work hard on your business for now.Wanda might look like she is having the
time of her life right now, but getting listed is not that easy, besides, if I’m not mistaken, Elliot has been
keeping an eye on her in the dark as well.She doesn’t dare to return to Aryadelle right now because
she is afraid of Elliot’s retaliation."

Avery instantly calmed down at Shaun’s words.

"How do you know?"

"I heard it from someone else.For someone that loves attention as much as Wanda does, she has
disappeared for far too long.What illness could she have that requires her to be away for months?"
Shaun said with a smile.

"There are plenty of eyes on her! Don’t worry."

"What about Trustie Capital?"

"Chelsea took over it.Her face is ruined, so she’s keeping a low profile.I’m guessing that she will be
busy handling matters of operation these few days! After all, most of the employees in Trust Capital are
loyal to her brother." Avery nodded.

"Avery, everyone in Sterling Group knows that you scolded Elliot over the roses yesterday,"

Shaun reminded her, "I heard that he had accidentally answered the phone on speaker mode, so
everyone in the meeting room heard every single word you shouted at him."


"His vice-president contacted me in private, asking me to talk some sense into you so you would stop
being so rude to his boss."Stunned, Avery’s face started flushing instantly.

"Ahem.Whoever got you the roses, it was not that big a deal and you didn’t have to be that offended.I
will go out now if there’s nothing else you need from me."

Noticing her embarrassment, Shaun immediately went out.

After the door closed, Avery massaged her temples when suddenly, the phone she had set down on
the table started ringing.She picked up the phone and saw an unknown number on the screen that
originated from Bridgedale.

After a few moments of hesitation, she answered the phone.

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