Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 1019

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By the time Mrs.Cooper arrived upstairs, she spotted Layla struggling to drag an enormous box out of
the room.

"Layla, what are you doing?"

She hurried over and squatted down to Layla's eye level.

Layla's eyes reddened and tears started rolling down her face as soon as she started talking.

"Hayden is angry.He shouted at me!"

"Don't cry, don't cry! Hayden will calm down soon, so stop crying now or your eyes will start hurting."

Mrs.Cooper frantically wiped away Layla's tears and asked, "Why are you moving this box outside?"

"Hayden doesn't like it..."

Layla murmured sadly and cried even harder.

Hayden felt even more irritated when he heard Layla crying.

Following a 'baam!', Hayden slammed the door shut and locked it from the inside.

Mrs.Cooper was alarmed by the locked door.

Though Hayden was a quiet boy who wasn't good at communicating with others, he had always been
very understanding and had never acted out like this before.

She lowered her gaze at the box and immediately came to realize what happened when she saw the

"Don't cry, Layla! Let's go downstairs first! I will call your mom right away and your brother won't be mad
anymore once she comes home."

Mrs.Cooper carried Layla downstairs with a heavy heart.

Once they were on the ground floor, she found her phone and called Avery.

Just then, Avery heard her phone ringing and picked it up to find Mrs.Cooper's name on the screen; she
was just about to answer the call when she saw the smiling face of Nathan and immediately hung up the

"Avery, I heard that you called my younger son today.Do you like him that much?"

Nathan's expression seemed more devilish when he smiled.

"Nathan White, just what exactly are you trying to accomplish by moving your entire family here?"

Avery took a deep breath, but she couldn't seem to suppress the fear she felt deep within her.What are
you trying to do?!"

The fear deepened slowly but surely the more she looked at Nathan's face.

"It's so scary when you stare at me like that!"

Nathan seemed to have seen right through her thoughts teased, "You've suspected it long ago, haven't
you? Back when you asked if I knew Elliot Foster in Bridgedale, you started having doubts about this,

Avery's blood ran cold.

Nathan laughed arrogantly.

"You doctors have sharp eyes! You were able to tell that brat looks like me! Unlike Elliot, not only did he
insist on performing a paternity test, he still refuses to acknowledge me as his father even after the test
results came back.Haha! "

" two went for a paternity test?!"

She stuttered in a hoarse voice.

"When was that?! When was that??"

Nathan felt satisfied at the anxious expression on Avery's face.

He stretched his back lazily and said, "A few days back.The results came out this morning.If it's up to
me, I wouldn't bother with a paternity test! We look so alike that even an outsider like you can tell that we
are related, it's not like he couldn't tell the same, otherwise how did he even end up being the boss of
Sterling Group? He just didn't want to face reality! Now that the truth is out, there's no way he is getting
out of it!"

Avery panted heavily as though she was drowning.

So Elliot had met with Nathan the night he got drunk; Nathan had gone to him with the truth about his
background, and that was the reason why he drank on his own.

Elliot had not mentioned a word to her, just like how she had not talked to him about it since she found

He had spent so much money on gifts for her and the children because that was him trying to relieve the
pain somehow.

The thought made her feel like someone had tied a noose around her neck.

She picked up the glass on the table and took a big gulp of water, before setting it down.

"You went to him for money, right? How much do you want? How much would it take for you to leave?!"
She roared.

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