Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 1054

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The bodyguard did not immediately realize who was that ‘husband’ she mentioned.

“Your husband? Who’s your husband?” the bodyguard raised his voice and asked.

Elliot could hear the bodyguard’s gruff voice even though she was speaking with the bodyquard through
the cell phone.

Avery blushed immediately. “Who else could it be besides Elliot? We’re getting married soon.”

“Oh! So you’re not married yet but you’re already referring to him as your husband?” the bodyguard
teased. “Alright. Go ahead and take care of him. I’ll just ignore Adrian.”

Had Elliot not been standing beside her, Avery would have asked the bodyguard to pass the phone to
Adrian and comforted him. His presence made her wary of doing it.

She looked at Elliot after hanging up.

He turned his body to his side with his back facing her.

She placed her cell phone down and leaned toward him.

“How do you feel, Elliot?” she asked, reaching out and touching his forehead.

He remembered what happened the night before and so pushed her hand away out of resentment.

“I’m sorry, okay. I made a mistake yesterday.” She rested her body on top of him and asked in a soft
voice. “Are you hungry? Let me bring you breakfast!”

“Why aren’t you taking care of that fool at the hospital?” he asked sullenly.

“Because you’re more important to me than he is.” She flipped him over so that he was facing her. “Look,
Elliot. I put the ring on, and it fits perfectly.”

He looked at the diamond ring on her finger and it successfully suppressed the anger in his heart.

He still remembered what she said to him when he had a fever the night before.

He trusted that she did not come late on purpose, but there would always exist that irreconcilableness
between himself and Adrian. After all, she could not tell him that she loved him while at the same time
leading Adrian on.

It did not matter that she was only doing so out of sympathy and pity.

“I know you can’t accept Adrian,” she opened up when she saw his cold and gloomy face, “Because he’s
Shea’s brother. I know everything, Elliot.”

Her words made his expression turn even colder.

“Adrian is my patient, so that information isn’t something that can be hidden from me.” She got down
from the bed brought him some water. “I wouldn’t’ve suspected anything if Nathan treated him a little

“When did you know?” Elliot gritted his teeth.

“I knew before Nathan came to you.” She then said honestly and sincerely, “I’ll face this together with
you, Elliot. You’re the only Elliot Foster in this world.”

His Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat and he found it hard to describe what he was feeling.

She brought a glass of water to the bed.

“I need to bring Adrian away from Nathan because Nathan wants to threaten you using him. He might be
your father, but he only looks at you like you’re a cash cow. Whether you live or die is none of his
concem.” She put the water glass into his hand. “I only have one request, Elliot-don’t kill Adrian. We can
put him somewhere no one can find him.”

“Why would you think that a place like that would exist in this world?” he retorted “The only way to stop
anyone from finding him is if he dies.”

Avery was startled. “Do you have to kill him, Elliot? What if I don’t let you?”

“Don’t you think someone would be able to find him and use him to threaten me?” He put the water glass
on the cabinet next to him. “Do you want to see me be threatened? Or do you want everyone to know
about the baggage that I’m carrying?” “But didn’t you keep Shea well-hidden before? We could hide
Adrian like that too…”

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