Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 1188

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Mike was instantly discouraged after hearing her words.

What Avery said was true.

Elliot has a manic temper. If he knew that Shea was still alive, he would definitely lose his mind. Even if
he was tied, he would tie Adrian to the operating table and give Shea a kidney transplant.

And if the operation fails and he sees Shea’s death with his own eyes, how will he face this blow?

Mike said after calming down, “Now there is only one way to solve the problems that Shea’s surgery
will be successful and you will bring Shea to him.”

Avery nodded: “I know. I always thought Rescue Shea and bring her back. If Elliot sees her, he will
definitely be very happy.”

Mike cursed, “But he has misunderstood you now. Now not only does he hate you, but the people
around him also hate you too including Ben Schaffer, Chad…”

“Tammy told me.” Avery didn’t care about others opinions, although She was a little heartbroken,
“Wesley was afraid that I would be embarrassed, so let me don’t care about Shea. But I can’t do it.
Shea became like this because of Robert. If I don’t care, I will have a restless conscience for the rest of
my life.”

Mike knew her too well, “I don’t know if I can ignore it but you have to plan for the worst. If Shea still
dies in the end, then you and Elliot will be completely cold. Don’t think that the two of you have
experienced so many ons and offs. You can end happily every time.”

Avery said sadly: “I have come this far, and I have no turning back to go.”

“Don’t be afraid, I still say that, I will always support you in any decision. Save Shea is going to sell the
company, and I won’t say a word.”

“I don’t know when Elliot will come to me. My agreement with Henry is next Friday… wait until next
Friday first.” Avery sweated, “Come in. I’ll take a bath.”

After Avery went upstairs, Mike walked to the two children.

Layla had been staring at them while they were chatting outside the door just now.

“Uncle Mike, my mom and my dad got into a fight and we’re moving back in again. If they do, will you
move back in with us?” Layla asked.

Mike patted her head and said, “If you want to your uncle move back, I’ll move back. Layla, your
parents’ business is the adult’s business. It’s good for children to go to school and grow up.”

“Simply put. If only I were as young as my brother.”

“When your brother grows up, he will also witness when your mother is unhappy. Life is like this, it is
impossible to be happy all the time, and it is impossible to be miserable all the time. Not only your
mother, but also same with other people.” Mike explained to her sharply.

“But I see you are very happy every day.” Layla said.

“When your Uncle Mike was sad, he always hid under the quilt and cried.” Mike teased.

“Hahaha! Show me the next time you cry.” Layla smiled.

“You, little naughty!”

“Uncle Mike, my mother said that when I have summer vacation, I will take Robert to see my brother
and you have to come with us!” Layla begged, “I miss you so much when we used to be together in

“Layla, I’ll be with you all the time. When you’re on summer vacation, I’ll go with you.”

On Monday, after Layla went out to school in the morning, Avery drove to the company. She had a very
strong feeling in her heart.

——Maybe Elliot will come to her soon.

After arriving at the company, she attended the regular meeting on Monday. The heads of various
departments reported to her the work of the last week.

She didn’t express any opinion, only before the end of the regular meeting, she said: “Although Mike is
the director of the technical department, he is the real boss of the company. I have a lot of personal
affairs, and I come to the company very less. If you have any urgent matters, you can’t contact me and
you can contact Mike directly about the matter now.”

After the meeting, Mike followed Avery into her office.

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