Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 1290

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Avery took over the dress, looked at it, and frowned.

Although this is not her favorite style, she wants to listen to the bodyguard once.

What if it works?

Avery didn’t know how to wake up Elliot’s memory, so she could try any method.



Ben Schaffer and Gwen send Russell and Juniper to the airport.

The two elders actually didn’t want to leave, because Gwen was pregnant with Ben Schaffer’s child, and
the child would be born in eight or nine months.

It was Ben Schaffer who insisted on asking the two elders to leave.

The main reason why he did this was that the two elders loved Gwen too much. He felt that if this
continued, Gwen would have to go to the house sooner or later.

For example, the first day he brought Gwen home, his mother took her to buy clothes, bags, and shoes.

The next day, mother took Gwen to buy a few sets of jewelry.

He doesn’t mind that his mother buys clothes and jewelry for Gwen, but can he not buy so many at one
time? And his mother swiped his card every time to pay.

The mother has his supplementary card, but the mother does not usually spend his money.

Of course, his headache wasn’t the issue of spending money, but his mother’s deviant attitude towards
Gwen’s doting.

Before the child was born, he felt that his family status was in jeopardy. If the child was born, wouldn’t
this family be in chaos?

He couldn’t accept such a change, so after a long talk with his parents last night, he decided to let them
go first.

After the two elders boarded the plane, Ben Schaffer and Gwen came out of the airport.

“Forgot to tell you, my eldest brother is here today.” Gwen took out his phone and glanced at the time,
“Why don’t you go first, I’ll pick you up later.”

Ben Schaffer: “???”

Big brother, Zion?

Ben Schaffer took a deep breath and rubbed his swollen temples: “When will your eldest brother arrive?
Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“That’s my eldest brother, not your eldest brother. Why do I have to tell you?” Gwen’s mouth was sharp,
but it was because Zion scolded her on the phone yesterday, and she was very unhappy.

She didn’t want Ben Schaffer to know that their brother and sister relationship was so bad.

She don’t want this to bother him.

“Gwen, you are pregnant with my child now, so you must tell me everything about you.” Ben Schaffer
wanted to get angry very much, but considering that she was pregnant now, he could only bear it.

Before the mother left, remind him again and again that the first three months of pregnancy are very
important. His mother told him not to make Gwen angry.

If the child is gone, the relationship between their mother and son will also come to an end.

“He must be here for my dad’s funeral.” Gwen said this, unable to hide it, “He knows that I am pregnant
with your child, and he may ask you for money.”

Ben Schaffer was not surprised at all. After taking a deep breath, he asked, “How much do you think he
will want?”

“How do I know that?” Gwen said angrily, “Why don’t you go outside and hide?”

“Chief Treasurer, will I be afraid of your brother?” Ben Schaffer laughed angrily, “I’ll wait here with you. I
want to see how much he can open his mouth.”

Two hours later, Zion walked out of the station. When he saw Ben Schaffer, his face suddenly sank.

Ben Schaffer glanced at the time and said, “Let’s go to dinner first. I’ve reserved a seat.”

Gwen was afraid that his eldest brother would make trouble with Ben Schaffer at the airport, so he
reminded in a low voice, “Brother, father’s ashes are still at Ben Schaffer’s house.”

Zion asked inexplicably, “Why didn’t you bury him? Could it be waiting for me to bury it?”

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