Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 1479

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Of course Mike won’t tell Avery what Elliot said right now. If he said it, and she broke up with Elliot, Chad
would have to beat him.

He will observe Elliot’s performance in the future. If Elliot treats Avery badly one day, he will immediately
let Avery see the true face of Elliot.

Chad drove the car and sent the documents to the law firm.

The lawyer took the documents from him and said apologetically: “Chad, thank you for your hard work. I
originally planned to go by noon, but I was in a hurry…just finished.”

“It’s okay. I’ll drive over too. Not far.” Chad was thinking about the hospital, so he left after a few polite

Mike’s violent temper, no matter who he is, doesn’t know how to restrain himself.

Chad was afraid that Mike and the boss would quarrel.

The boss is now a patient, how can he withstand Mike’s toss?

Chad drove the car on the road. When he was about to arrive at the hospital, the lawyer’s phone called.

“Chad, where are you now?” On the other side of the phone, the lawyer’s voice was clearly frightened,
“You took the wrong documents!”

Chad immediately pulled the car to a stop, “Wrong? My boss asked me to take it.”

Because he kept thinking about whether Mike would make the boss angry, he took out the document
from the drawer and didn’t read the contents of the document.

The lawyer said in a very low voice, “You brought the documents I asked for, but you also took the
documents that you shouldn’t have. Come over now and take the documents back.”

Chad realized the seriousness of the problem.He immediately turned around and drove to the law firm.

He wanted to ask on the phone what kind of documents he should not take, but after thinking about it, he
didn’t ask.

This chapter is provided by Visit for daily update. –Elliot has always been
meticulous in his work, how could he be confused this time?

–If it is a document that cannot be seen by outsiders, how can it be put together with the official

–How Elliot could not notice when he took the documents?

Chad drove all the way, and drove the car to the law firm at the fastest speed.

The lawyer stood at the door of the law firm, anxiously raising his head.

Seeing Chad’s car, the lawyer immediately took the document bag and walked to his car.

“Don’t get out of the car. I’ve packed it in a document bag. Send it back quickly.” The lawyer handed him
the document bag.

Chad took the document bag, hesitated for a moment, and then asked, “Have you seen the contents of
the document?”

The lawyer looked embarrassed: “This… If I said I didn’t see it, you wouldn’t either.”

Chad couldn’t help laughing and crying: “Your tone on the phone made me feel uneasy. It’s not
something scary, right?”

The lawyer: “Terrible.”

Chad’s expression froze.

“When you return the file later, don’t put the file bag back. It’s better to return it intact. After all, it’s
embarrassing…you know what’s inside. It’s over.” The lawyer said, waving goodbye to him.

After Chad drove the car out, he felt even more uneasy.

After driving the car for a distance, he stopped the car, opened the document bag, and took out the

In the hospital.

After talking with Elliot, Mike took out his mobile phone to play the game, but after a few games, Chad
hadn’t come back.

“Why don’t you send a file? It’s been almost two hours, it’s sent to Mars.” He dialed Chad’s phone,
intending to spit it out.

“I’ve already arrived at the hospital. I just went to buy some fruit.” Chad hung up the phone after he
finished speaking.

Mike was stunned.

About three minutes later, Chad entered the ward with a bag of fruit.

“You can go.” Chad pushed Mike out.

Mike felt rejected and his self-esteem took a hit: “I won’t go now, I’ll stay here.”

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