Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 1524

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“Besides my personality, what other strengths have you found in me? Or, what else do you like about
me?” Gwen needs to find confidence from the old man.

Ben Schaffer could see that Gwen was treating him as a toy for pastime when he was lonely.

That’s all, she is willing to play with him, he should be content.

The next day, 8 a.m.

Star River Villa.

All member of the family were sitting at the table and having breakfast.

“Elliot, the temperature has turned cold recently. I plan to take Hayden Layla out to buy autumn and
winter clothes later.” Avery said to Elliot.

Elliot: “Well, I’ll go with you.”

“What are you kidding. You told me last night that your legs hurt a little bit, did you forget?” Avery
glanced at him, “stay at home and take care of yourself.”

“Did I say last night that my legs hurt?” Elliot couldn’t remember.

“Yes! When I pressed your leg last night, I asked you if it hurt, and you said a little.” Avery told the
details to his face.

Elliot suddenly remembered: “That’s because you were a little bit too strong at the time.”

“I didn’t use it.” After Avery finished speaking, she changed her tone, “I only used a little bit of force. If
your legs are fine, I can’t use that bit of force at all. I don’t care for you.”

“Okay, you guys go out, I’ll stay at home.” Elliot compromised with grief.

After breakfast, Avery took the two children out the door.

After playing with Robert for a while, Elliot went to the study and opened the notebook. After a while,
the phone he put on the table rang.
Elliot picked up the phone and saw the number from yesterday. He frowned slightly and answered the

“Elliot, I’ve already arrived in Aryadelle. When are you free, let’s meet.” A woman’s voice came from the

“Where are you now?” Elliot glanced at the time.

It was 10: a.m. in the morning.

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