Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 1526

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Elliot had a strong premonition in his heart that this woman might really be his biological mother. If it is
counterfeit, never dare to come to the appraisal center to appraise it with him.

The woman quickly entered the hall.

After seeing Elliot, The woman immediately walked up to him: “Hello Elliot, my name is Sofia Hertz. I
don’t know if Nathan has mentioned me to you.”

Elliot looked at her face , Word by word: “No.”

Nathan has played with too many women, and there are many illegitimate children.

How could he possibly remember the names of those women.

He was able to raise Zion and Gwen, which is a great gift of kindness.

“Yes, he has too many women. It’s normal not to remember me.” Sofia laughed at herself, “You should
dislike him, right? When he was sentenced to death, you didn’t help him. According to your ability, you
want to save him, he can definitely be saved.”

Sofia’s question made Elliot frown.

“Aren’t you living abroad?” Elliot wondered.

Sofia’s face turned red with a swish, her eyes were nervous and guilty: “I, after I suspected that you
were my son, I was willing to check your condition…”

“Let’s do the appraisal first.” Elliot looked at her.

Sofia’s facial features are very beautiful, and it can be seen that she was a beauty when she was

Elliot didn’t know how old she was now. The wrinkles on her face were a little deep, which seemed to
go against the brand-name clothes and big-name bags on her body.

Under normal circumstances, wealthier women are very willing to spend money on beauty and

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Sofia was carrying the bag, but there was no trace of maintenance on her face.

Sofia followed behind Elliot to take a test sample.

Soon after the samples were taken, the staff informed them that the results would be available in about
three days.

“How much is this check? Where do I pay the bill?” Sofia opened her bag and took out her mobile
phone, “I’ll pay the bill.”

Elliot: “I’ve already paid.”

Sofia’s face flashed an embarrassed blush, her eyes dodged. She was willing to look away from his
face again: “…Aren’t you busy? Then go get busy! When the results come out, let me know.”


When Elliot did, he also looked at her. He already had results in his mind.

The woman in front of him was most likely his mother.

Just like Layla and Avery look alike, even if there is no DNA test, they can know that Layla is Avery’s

If Elliot has nothing to do with Sofia, how could he be similar to Sofia?

After coming out of the identification center, he got into the car.

The driver asked, “Boss, where are you going?”

Elliot looked out of the car window. Sofia was standing on the side of the street and seemed to be
waiting for a taxi.

Seeing that he didn’t answer, the driver turned around and asked again: “Boss, are you going home?”

Elliot came back to his senses: “Don’t go home.”

Elliot turned on his mobile phone, dialed Avery, and asked where she was.

“We’re still shopping for clothes! Why don’t you go to order a restaurant first, and then go look for you
when we finish buying clothes.” Avery said.

“Okay. Where do you buy clothes? I’ll go to order a restaurant near you.”

Avery told him the location and asked, “How did you feel when you saw the woman who said she was
your biological mother?”

Elliot pondered for a few seconds and Replied: “I’m a lot like her.”

Avery was stunned.

Elliot said this, indicating that he had already determined in his heart that the woman was his mother.

“Are you going to take it or…” Avery hesitatedly ask this question.

“I don’t know. I’m in a mess right now. She’s completely different from Nathan. I need to think about it.

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