Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 1563

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“Has Rebecca added your Whatsapp?” Avery asked.

“No.” Elliot replied without hesitation.

The second time Rebecca looked for him, it was through text messages on his mobile phone, and he did
not add his Whatsapp account.

“If she adds you Whatsapp, do you know what to do?” Avery ‘beats’ him face to face.

“Ignore.” Elliot gave the answer and asked, “How does it taste?”

“It is no exaggeration to say that your cooking skills are comparable to that of a chef.” After Avery took a
few bites, she gave a very high rating.

“You didn’t eat much at Xander’s house, did you?” After dinner, he knew the quality of the dishes he

His cooking skills are not comparable to that of a chef, at best a little better than Avery.

“No, I came back today after I was full.” Avery took a mouthful of rice. “Although I have a filter for you,
you are doing really well. At least it’s a qualified home-cooked dish.”

Elliot was silent for a moment and asked: “Would you like to go for another checkup? I always feel that
Xander did something to you before he died.”

“I had a checkup before, and my body is fine.” Avery looked up at him, “After he died, I at least I did two
comprehensive examinations. Besides, if he really did something to me, my body would definitely feel it.
After the anesthesia took effect, I didn’t feel any discomfort.”

Elliot said firmly, “That’s because you told Xander at the time. I didn’t have any precautions, so I didn’t
feel the abnormality of the body carefully. I asked the doctor today. There are many adverse reactions of
general anesthesia. Generally, the doctor does not recommend general anesthesia for patients when
general anesthesia is not necessary. Yes. Xander must have done something to you.”

She was startled by his solemn expression.

“But since you didn’t notice anything abnormal, it’s too late to say this now.” Elliot saw her stop eating, so
he changed the conversation, “You eat! Let’s make a videocall for the children after dinner. It hasn’t
snowed in Aryadelle yet. Layla and Robert will definitely be very happy to see the snow.”

“Well. We’ll build a snowman later, and then make a videocall for them.” No matter how old Avery is, as
long as she sees snow, the first thing that comes to her mind is to build a snowman.

Avery tasted every dish Elliot made, and when she finally put down the dishes, she smiled contentedly:
“Husband, is there anything you can’t do?”

“Yes,” Elliot replied, “I’m not going to have children.”

“Hahahaha. Why do you say such a serious thing?” Avery got up from the dining chair, wrapped the
leftovers in plastic wrap, and put them in the refrigerator, “If you can have children, you must have been
silent from the start to the delivery.”

“Not necessarily. When you gave birth, I checked how painful it was to give birth. The answer on the
Internet said that the pain of natural labor is the same as surgery without anesthesia. It’s almost surgery.
I’m sure I can’t keep silent.” Elliot threw all the dishes in the dishwasher, pressed the power button, and
washed his hands with hand sanitizer.

“Do you know what I was thinking when I gave birth?” Avery walked over to him and watched him wipe
his hands with a dry towel, then took his arm and walked towards the door, “I saw him during my

internship in the hospital. Many terminally ill patients. It only hurts for a few days to give birth to a child,
but people who are seriously ill often endure pain for months or even years before they die.”

“Why do you suddenly talk about such a heavy topic?” Elliot’s Adam’s apple rolled.

Avery: “Didn’t you talk about the pain of having a baby? I’m here to comfort you. Although having a baby
is painful, it’s even more painful.”

“You’re really comforting, my heart is heavier.” Elliot couldn’t help laughing.

“Tsk, let’s go build a snowman. We’ll build our own, and let the children see who is more beautiful later.”
Avery walked to the door, took a coat from the hanging clothes, put it on, and ran into the yard first.

Elliot turned on all the street lights in the yard, looked at her running lightly like a deer, and the corners of
his mouth couldn’t help rising.

He put on his coat, changed his shoes, and strode out the door.

Twenty minutes later, Avery’s cell phone rang. She took off her gloves and took the videocall from Layla.

“Layla, where are your brother, Hayden and Robert? Call them quickly.” Avery smiled and turned the
camera to the snowman she and Elliot made, “Look, this is the snowman made by mom and dad.”

Layla looked at the yard. The white snow scene and the two big snowmen prototypes couldn’t help but
exclaim: “Mom! It’s snowing so hard over there. I really want to go and build a snowman with you.”

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