Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 1900

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Gwen’s face turned red with a swish.

Gwen: “Didn’t they return to Aryadelle yet?”

Ben: “They will arrive the day after tomorrow. I will discuss with you in advance, and you should not
arrange work the day after tomorrow.”

“Oh…” Gwen took out her phone and wanted to tell her manager.

As a result, the phone was turned on, and She saw a series of messages from her agent, Brother

[Are you Elliot’s sister? ! You hide deep enough! Are you really here to experience life?]

[Gwen, I didn’t scold you, did I? If there is, it is definitely not intentional. I am very optimistic about you,
so I have high expectations for you.]

[Coco called me, crying and crying, saying that she wanted to apologize to you. when you see the
message, give me a call back…and a message back…or you can call me back tomorrow.]

Gwen moved her finger on the screen: [I have something to do the day after tomorrow, so I need to ask
for leave.]

Brother Hendrix: [No problem! So are you taking leave tomorrow? If you don’t ask for leave tomorrow,
then you can come to the company and we will have a good chat.]

Gwen: [Got it.]

Foster family.

Elliot made up a day’s sleep at home.

When he woke up, it was completely sun set.

He came down from the upstairs, and the first floor was silent. He walked into the yard and asked the
bodyguard, “Where are Mrs. Cooper and the child?”

The bodyguard replied, “There is an event at the nearby water park. Layla and Robert wanted to play in
the water, so Mrs. Cooper took them there.”

Elliot returned In the villa, looking at the empty house, his heart was infinitely desolate.

Thinking of the dispute with Avery at Avery’s house this morning, his temples couldn’t stop hurting.

Suddenly he wanted to drink.

Half an hour later, Chad came.

“Boss, I know you’re in a bad mood, but drinking hurts your health. You’d better drink less.” Chad was
called by Elliot to accompany him.

Chad picked up the wine bottle and poured himself a glass of wine.

“Chad, I have promised Layla that I will bring Avery back. So I can’t give up.” Elliot had already had two
glasses of wine before Chad came over. So his face was already drunk.

“Boss, even if you don’t promise Layla, you won’t just give up, right?” Chad saw that his glass was
empty, so he poured him a drink.

Chad: “Norah Jones told me that Avery’s boyfriend has a big problem…Norah Jones, just listen to it. If
Billy really has a problem, do you think Avery would not know or would mind, Is it? Besides, the two of

them are only in love, and they didn’t say they want to get married. Maybe they feel inappropriate for a
while, and then they break up.”

“Chad, I think I should take action.” In Elliot’s deep eyes, a dark light flashed, “I asked her to bring her
boyfriend back for me to see, but she won’t. She has been back to Aryadelle for a while, but that man
hasn’t come back with her, since the two of them are not together here now, then I’ll take Avery away.”

Chad put down the glass and looked at the boss with a look of surprise, unable to guess what the
boss’s plan was.

“How to take it away?” Chad choked his throat, “Forcibly kidnapped? Boss, if you do this, Avery will
definitely be very angry! You should calm down and think of a solution when you are awake.”

Elliot looked Chad coldly: “You think I’m drunk? I’m not.”

Chad: “Oh…Usually drunk people say they’re not drunk.”

“Billy pretends to be a ghost and pretends to be mysterious. I want to see if I can force Avery to show
up if I take him away.” Elliot’s eyes were cold and cold.

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