Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 2015

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Avery told Travis just now that he would not charge any money, just to come to negotiate directly with

Caleb didn’t expect Avery to say these words to him. He was stunned.

“I heard from your father that you are the son he values the most. He said that your family had such a big
family business, and he said that he originally planned to let you inherit it because you were his most
intelligent and capable child… But now He is very distressed by your appearance. If you can recover, he
will definitely re-entrust you with important responsibilities.” Avery said, “You must also want to return to
your original life, right?”

Caleb hesitated for a moment, and then asked: “What do you want? Do you think I can meet your
requirements as a waste person?”

Avery: “I want to bet once. You are Travis’s most important son. If you can’t do it, it’s even more
impossible for others to do it.”

Caleb: “What do you want?”

Avery: “I want Elliot’s whereabouts.”

“Oh! I don’t know!” Caleb gave the answer without thinking, “I don’t know Elliot! I haven’t seen him, let
alone where he is! Why do you think I would know?”

“I didn’t say you knew.” Avery corrected him, “your dad might know.”

“Even if my dad knows where Elliot is, I can’t help you find out such important news!” Caleb said in a
hoarse voice, with his throat rolling, “You really don’t know my father! He said I was the most important

son, do you believe it?”

“Why don’t I believe it? He is your father, and you are his eldest son. The eldest son is generally favored
and relied upon by his parents…” Avery speculated.

“Ridiculous!” Caleb looked at Avery with the eyes of a fool, “Do you think that all parents in this world are
good parents who love their children? You must have never met a bad person, right? Naive and stupid

Avery was scolded for no reason, her cheeks flushed instantly, and anger ignited in her heart.

But considering what happened to Caleb, it is understandable that her temperament has changed, so
she did not argue with him.

“Be careful what you say! My boss is your doctor now. If you can agree to my boss’s request, you will
agree. If you can’t, you will pull it down! Don’t waste my boss’s precious time!” The bodyguard roared

Caleb glared at the bodyguard.

After all, this is the Jones family! Not the Tate family!

“I’m talking to Caleb, you don’t need to interrupt. If I’m really angry, I’ll scold me back myself.” Avery
whispered to the bodyguard.

“Oh…Caleb said that to you just now, aren’t you angry?” The bodyguard wondered why Avery had such
a good temper.

When Avery was with Elliot in the past, sometimes Elliot’s casual words could make her frizz.

“You go out first, I want to chat with Caleb alone.” Avery said to the bodyguard.

“No… I can’t go out. I swear, I have to follow you wherever you go in the future.” Having learned from the
previous lessons from Country Yonroeville, the bodyguard never dared to leave her for half a step.

“You wait outside the door. I’ll call you for something. He’s sick now, so he can’t do anything to me.”
Avery said to bodyguards. Considering that the bodyguards are here, might make Caleb unable to say
something directly.

After listening to her words, bodyguards had to go out the door reluctantly.

In the bedroom, only she and Caleb were left.

“You said just now that I have never met a bad person, and if I had never met a bad person, I wouldn’t
have nearly lost my life in country Yonroeville!” Avery retorted what Caleb said just now, “if your father
doesn’t love you, why would he ask me to do it for you? Are you healing?”

“Then do you know, who did I suffer like this?” Caleb showed a strange and terrifying smile on his face.

It was obviously daytime, but his smile made Avery feel gloomy and evil.

“Who did it?” Avery asked, following his words.

“Who are you? Why should I tell you?” Caleb suddenly changed his face and said irritably, “Get out of my
room! Get out of my room!”

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