Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 2149

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Travis glanced at the call reminder, it was his lawyer.

Travis glared at Emmy in the chair.

Emmy’s eyes had been closed, and Travis didn’t know if he was dead or not.

But in Travis’s view, she was already a dead person.

“Get her away! Bad luck!” Travis gritted his teeth and said to his assistant.

“Okay! I’ll call someone to carry her away!” The assistant left the ward, called two bodyguards, and
carried Emmy out.

Travis sat down on the hospital bed and answered the phone: “Did Norah get the contract?”

“Boss, I couldn’t reach Norah anymore.” The lawyer said, “She originally told me that after calling the
money this morning, she could get the equity transfer agreement of Tate Industries, but after we gave
her the money, she ignored us.”

This critical attack made Travis faint and collapsed on the hospital bed.

“She… where is her person?” Travis asked while covering his forehead with one hand, panting.

“She said she would go to Tate Industries to deal with something. I went to Tate Industries to ask just
now, and they told me at the front desk that Norah resigned from Tate Industries today.” The lawyer
said and was confused, “I don’t know what Norah is right now. Have you transferred the money to the
Tate Industries, because I can’t see the executives here. I can’t contact Norah, so I can only call you to
report the situation.”

The door of the ward opened, and the assistant returned to the ward.

Travis was so angry when he saw him!

Travis: “Norah ran away! Aren’t you very close to her? Did she complicit with you for taking me $14
billion to run away?”

The assistant was shocked: “Boss, what did you say? Norah took away your money! How could it be
possible! She didn’t tell me this!”

With a ‘bang’, Travis smashed the teacup on the table at the assistant go.

“Then what did she tell you?! Don’t think I don’t know about the two of you messing around together! If
you don’t get Norah back for me, I’ll kill your whole family and let you see if I’m not. What a mess!”

The assistant knelt down with a ‘plop’.

“Boss, I am indeed bewitched by her beauty. But I never thought of betraying you. I have always been
sober, women are just playthings, only by following you I can have a brighter future! It’s a gang, I will
definitely run away with Norah instead of bothering to find Emmy.” The assistant hurriedly expressed
his loyalty.

“What’s the use of talking nonsense!” Travis roared, “Get her back! Get my money back! Go! Go!”

The assistant immediately got up and quickly left the ward.

Travis was dizzy, and the blood pressure controlled by the drug suddenly rose up.

His fingers trembled as he pressed the call bell.

Soon the nurse came and gave him blood pressure medication.

Just now, Travis felt the threat of death. If the nurse came a little late, he might have died.

He suddenly wanted to see Emilio as Emilio was his own son.

Outsiders are always outsiders. If something goes wrong, he still has to rely on his own son.


Research Base.

Avery received a call from Emilio.

“Avery, something happened to my family.” Emilio just saw his father, but now his father fell asleep
because he was exhausted.

“What happened to your family?” Avery wondered, “…Your father died?”

“Pfft! Do you dream of my father’s death?” Emilio couldn’t help laughing, “I’m disappointed, he’s not
dead yet. But he must be as sad as death. Norah lied to him $14 billion. Now Norah is running away,
and we don’t know where her hiding place.”

Avery: “…”

“By the way, Emmy is dead.” Emilio continued, “Everything is out of my dad’s control. It seems that
there is a force that is helping you.”

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