Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 2203

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Maggie was a little confused, she didn’t expect Avery to be so friendly and so proactive.

She took out her phone from her pocket and opened Whatsapp.

Avery scanned her QR code for her.

Soon, the two added Whatsapp.

Avery almost couldn’t help laughing when she saw that she had successfully added ‘Maggie’ as a

“Maggie, the handsome guy in your avatar has a good figure! Is this your boyfriend?” Avery didn’t
expect that she would meet her blind date faster than Eric.

Moreover, according to Avery’s naked eye observation, Maggie is definitely a girl.

“No. This is my younger brother. My younger brother prefers to exercise.” Maggie’s cheeks flushed
slightly and explained, “Miss Tate, I got separated from my younger brother, so I will go to him first.”

After Maggie finished speaking, she walked away quickly.

Maggie dialed her brother’s number, and the call was connected, but no one answered.

She called twice in a row, but her brother didn’t answer.

She was suddenly anxious.

At this time, Eric’s message came: [Have you arrived?]

Maggie was busy looking for her brother, so she wasn’t very patient: [I was there a long time ago. I
looked around in the crowd and didn’t see you. Also, I don’t like this kind of noisy place, the two of us
really don’t fit. So we don’t have to meet. Later, you tell your mother that you have someone you like,
so that your mother won’t force you to go on a blind date.}

Seeing her reply, Eric immediately got angry: [Why didn’t you say that you have someone you like? If I
said that, my mom would take me back to show her.]

Maggie: [Eric, I haven’t graduated yet.]

Eric: [You didn’t graduate and it didn’t affect your mother forcing you to have a blind date. That being
the case, even if you say you have someone you like, your mother won’t blame you.]

Maggie: [Makes sense!]

Eric breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, he didn’t have to mess with her anymore! Even the entanglement
on the Internet was enough to give him a headache.

After Eric talked with Maggie, he went to find his assistant.

Maggie went to find her younger brother.

Both of them wore masks, so when they passed by in the crowd, no one knew that the other was their
blind date.

Avery and Calvin left from the music festival scene.

It was the seaside, and the sea breeze blew at night, which was actually a bit cold.

But Avery’s heart was warm.

“Miss Tate, take the card back. I don’t want it.” Calvin returned the card to Avery, “I don’t know much
about the device in Elliot’s head. I can tell you everything I know.”

Avery: “If that’s the case, then you should accept it. Otherwise, I’ll feel that I owe you favor.”

“Miss Tate, I really don’t want it. I’m not short of money now.” Calvin was firm, “I don’t know much about
that device. I only know that Margaret can be controlled remotely, but how it brought Elliot back to life,
only Margaret knows.”

Avery was stunned.

“Miss Tate, I am inclined that this technology does not exist.” Calvin told Avery his judgment, “Of
course, I am not sure if my guess is accurate.”

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