Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 2279

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Even if Travis was gone, Camila didn’t dare to associate with her.

But Norah said on the phone that she wanted to talk to her about the division of the inheritance, which
made Camila unable to hold back and went out to make an appointment.



Foster family.

Avery and Elliot were sitting at the dining table for breakfast.

Avery opened the phone and took a look.

A news about New Year’s Day popped up.

These days, she had been with Elliot at home, and she had no idea what day had passed.

She thought that New Year’s Day would take a few days to arrive, but the news pop-up window made
her realize that it would be New Year’s Day in half a month.

“Elliot, it’s almost New Year’s Day.” Avery put down her phone and chatted with Elliot, “Do you feel that
when you’re not working, life goes by so fast?”

Elliot wanted to go along with her, but he didn’t want to lie, ” I work every day.

So it’s not particularly deep.”

Since Avery allowed Elliot to use the computer, Elliot had been working every day.

“Okay, it seems that I have to arrange some work for myself.” Avery envied him for adjusting his life to
a normal track so quickly, “Aren’t you dizzy?”

Elliot thought about this question and answered honestly: “When I was just discharged from the
hospital, I occasionally felt pain at the location of the wound.

But I didn’t feel dizzy.”

“You are in good health.

If someone else is like you, and two stabs are on the head, the mental state is definitely not as good as
yours.” Avery continued to envy him.

“I recovered so well, mainly because you took good care of me.” Elliot didn’t forget to praise her, “If you
hadn’t been at home with me every day, I would have not recovered so well.”

“It has nothing to do with me in your recovery.” Avery analyzed rationally, “You have a good physique
and recover quickly, but I can’t help you much.”

“If you weren’t at home with me, I would have gone to work long ago.

Going to work every day and running back and forth will definitely not be as good as it is now.” Elliot
explained to her from another angle.

Avery looked at him in shock: “Elliot, if it weren’t for me, would you really go to work in your situation?”


Although I haven’t had a craniotomy before, I’ve also had a serious car accident.

At that time, I became a vegetative person and almost died in bed, have you forgotten?” Elliot’s tone
was light, and the words ‘almost died in bed’ came out of his mouth, as if he was not breaking through

the gate of h-e-l-l, but playing an adventure game.

“Are you proud? You had a car accident, but you didn’t wake up immediately.” Avery teased.

“What I mean is that if I didn’t die in the beginning, I must have good luck.” Elliot talked eloquently, “It’s
just a craniotomy.

Compared with my original injury, it’s nothing at all.”

Avery was also dreaming.

Unexpectedly, she could hear from Elliot’s mouth the words ‘If I don’t die, I will have good luck’.

Avery: “A lot of people who do evil, probably think like this.”

“Think more about the good.” Elliot picked up the milk cup and took a sip of milk, “If I’m not feeling well,
I’ll definitely rest at home.

I’m not stupid.”

Avery can’t help laughing: “I saw the news just now that many people are going to temples to pray for
the New Year.

This year seems to have done a lot, and it seems that nothing has been done, and it will pass in a

Elliot heard what she meant: “Do you also want to go to the temple to pray for blessings? Let me go
with you!”

Avery shook her head without hesitation: “You can’t drive up to that temple.

You have to climb up.

First of all, this is not suitable for you.

Second, people on the mountain are too many, and it is not suitable for you to go.”

“Then I will accompany you to the foot of the mountain, and you can climb up by yourself.

I will wait for you at the foot of the mountain, okay?” Elliot wanted to accompany her out.

Even just looking at the scenery outside was better than staying at home all day.

Avery hesitated for a while, but in the end, unable to resist the powerful thoughts in her heart, so she

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