Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 2319

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After the two children fell asleep, Avery and Elliot returned to the master bedroom.

“Originally, when you told me that you doubted Siena, I didn’t feel anything. Because just based on a
dream, how can we conclude that this is really the case. If your dream is so accurate, then tell me what
to do next. But Lilly said today that Siena looks like your childhood photo… that’s really possible…”
Avery said here, her heartbeat quickened, and she wanted to find Siena now to see if that child is her
own daughter.

Elliot: “Avery, I didn’t suspect them just based on a dream. It’s because their reaction was so strange.”

“Well, husband, you are very good at being a detective. You said that we hired so many people to find
the little gilr. I have never found her whereabouts, but you found the clue all at once.” Avery praised.

“If Siena is Haze, then you are a great. If you didn’t go to the mountain to pray, how could you find
Haze along the way?” Elliot put the credit on Avery.

“I wanted to go to another temple. It’s the G-Temple that you took me to. It’s all your credit for this.”
Avery put the credit back on Elliot, “Husband, maybe it’s for some reason. In the middle of the year,
God guided us to find Haze. We have been looking for her for so long, and it is time to find her.”

Elliot: “Well. Maybe you were praying on the mountain, and the God heard your heart, so let us find

The two of them were excited, so they hugged each other tightly.

After a while, Avery released Elliot.

“Are we both excited? We haven’t found Haze yet!” Avery couldn’t help laughing, “Let’s go take a
shower first! We’ll talk about it when we take a bath and go to bed.”

Elliot: “Well, you go wash first. I’ll make a phone call to make arrangements.”

Avery: “Okay.”

Avery didn’t take a nap at noon today, so she’s a little sleepy at the moment.

She took her pajamas and walked towards the bathroom.

Elliot picked up the phone and dialed the next number.

“What I asked you to do this afternoon, you can do it now.” Elliot was afraid that the night would be too
long. “Bring more people over, and be sure to find the old woman and Siena. Remember, don’t scare

“Okay boss, I’ll take someone out.” The man replied.

After Elliot explained the matter, holding the phone, he paced up and down the room.

He asked the entrusted detective if he had searched G-Temple, and the detective replied that he had.

However, the list of young children in G-Temple obtained by the detective did not have the name Siena.

This was also one of the reasons why Elliot doubts Siena.

All the information now points out that Siena in G-Temple was most likely his daughter Haze who lived

After taking a bath, Elliot and Avery chatted for a while on the bed.

The two agreed that this time they should be able to find Haze.

Because Avery was so sleepy, Elliot felt asleep not long after but couldn’t sleep.

He slept for a while and then picked up his mobile phone to see if his subordinates had progress

This state of affairs continued until after 5:00 in the morning.

The subordinate finally sent a progress report: [Boss, I found the place where the old woman lives. I’m
standing guard at the door now. As soon as she opens the door, I’ll go in.]

Elliot replied: [Good. Remember not to scare them. But if the old woman doesn’t allow you to approach
Siena, you can take some measures against her. But it must not hurt the crispy.]

The subordinates did not expect the boss to reply to the news in seconds, and they were a little
nervous: [Boss, I understand! You are waiting for my news!]

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