Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 2365

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Mike: “Well. Don’t take this to heart. He has no threat to you now. I told you, I’m afraid that if he finds
you, it will make you annoyed.”

“It’s okay.” Elliot would not angry about this little thing.

Today he married Avery, and from the morning until now, his mood has become more and more
relaxed. Because the ceremony was over, everything went so smoothly.

No one could influence their wedding now.

Compared with the wedding Elliot had prepared before, it was indeed much smoother.

“Is Avery sleeping?” Mike asked, “When are you two going to leave?”

“Bought a night ticket. When are you and Chad going to go to Bridgedale?” Elliot asked back.

“Of course we will wait until you return from your honeymoon. Otherwise, can Avery give birth to a child
with confidence?” Elliot was very satisfied with Mike’s answer.

Elliot: “That’s hard work for you guys.”

“I didn’t see you being so polite before, but it’s different when I become the groom today.” Mike teased,
“By the way, Chad will go to Bridgedale in the future, don’t you want to recruit an assistant again?”

Today was indeed not the same as usual. Usually, he and Mike couldn’t chat more than two sentences
normally, and the two would fight each other.

Today, he agreed to transfer Chad’s work to Bridgedale, and Mike was extra patient with him.

Elliot: “Yeah. I’ll talk about it when I get back from the honeymoon.”

“Boss, I’ll go to Bridgedale after I find the right person for you!” Chad said, “I’m not in a hurry.”

“Mike is in a hurry.” Elliot said lightly.

Mike suddenly looked anxious: “What am I anxious about. Then let him hire an assistant for you and
then go to Bridgedale!”

Elliot: “No need. I recruited myself. I recruited Chad myself.”

Chad couldn’t help laughing and sighed: “Boss, I remember that after I got the offer, I was so excited
that I didn’t fall asleep for three days.”

Mike: “Is it such an exaggeration?”

“Yes. Before I joined Sterling Group, I only worked in a small company. My resume was not very good. I
invested in Sterling Group because of my passion, and I didn’t expect the boss hired me at all.” Chad
recalled the original experience and still felt like a dream.

Mike looked at Elliot: “Why did you choose Chad to be your assistant in the first place?”

Elliot: “He has a good education, and secondly, he looks good. It looks more pleasing to the eye. It
gives a very reliable feeling.”

Chad: “…”

It was the first time Chad heard from the boss why he was hired.

He never thought it was the reason.

Mike: “You’re too casual too!”

Elliot: “Chad’s work in the company is famous for his mediocre treatment but high pressure. He stayed
in the company for two years, and I think his tolerance is not bad. During the adjustment, his former
employer gave him a good feedback. You must know that the employees from that company were not
well evaluated by the leaders there. This shows that Chad is not only good at work, but also good at
handling interpersonal relationships.”

Chad was boasted a little guilty: “Boss, my former leader is my senior brother. It’s still my fellow
countryman. I have always had a good relationship with him, so he won’t speak ill of me behind my

Elliot: “Anyway, you have proved yourself with me.”

“Boss, thank you. As long as you don’t dislike me in this life, I will definitely not leave you…” Chad was
moved to the point of losing his mind.

It felt like the next second, the two of them would hug and cry.

Mike got a layer of goosebumps: “Enough! If Avery saw it, she would have thought she was green!”

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