Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 2387

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The principal: “Okay. In this case, the child can enter our kindergarten. I will let the teacher
communicate with the students in the class well, and the children should be able to accept Siena.”

The Miss: “Let her try it out first. I’m afraid the child won’t adapt.”

“Yes. She can start trial reading today.” The principal said enthusiastically, “You can pick up the child at
5 o’clock in the evening.”

The Miss nodded, and then asked Siena: “Do you want to go to school now, or wait until tomorrow?”

Siena didn’t want to trouble the Miss, so she said sensible: “I’ll try it now!”

The Miss: “That’s good. I’ll pick you up at 5 o’clock in the evening. If I don’t have time, your mother-in-
law will also come to pick you up.”

“Well. I see. Miss, go back!”

The Miss nodded: “If mother-in-law tells you, you must always keep it in your heart. If someone asks
you about your oddity Strange questions, don’t answer them. If there is anything that feels wrong, try to
hide immediately, do you hear?”

“Siena: Miss, I understand.”


In the evening.

Elliot went to the Tate Industries, picked up Avery, and prepared to go home.

“How do you feel on the first day of work today?” Elliot took Avery’s hand and asked.

Avery: “I’m fine. The new vice president, Jesse Caldwell that Vice President Locklyn hired for me is not
bad. Basically, he has considered everything and is quite frank.”

Elliot: “I asked, Jesse is very good at marketing.”

“Yes. He told me that it is difficult for our company to make great progress in technological development
now. The company didn’t pay much attention to marketing before. He said that now we need to focus
on technology and also on marketing. I asked him to make a plan, and it was done. Show me.”

Avery said, “I’m not really busy today, but I feel like the work time goes by so fast.”

Elliot: “Well. That’s why I like work.”

“Me and work, which do you prefer?” Avery deliberately made things difficult for him.

Elliot didn’t even think about it, and replied, “I work to make money, and I make money to spend for you
and the children. Which do you think I prefer?”

“You didn’t say that you work to make money. You work because you love your job.” Avery chokes him.

Elliot: “The premise of my love for work is that work can create value.”

“Oh. I think the value of this thing, can’t just look at the benefits it generates. I think you accompany me
and my children, than you work to make money and spend it for us, it makes me feel more sense.”
Avery put forward a different opinion, “Of course, you have been with us for a long time, and you have
done a good job. I can feel that you have changed a lot and sacrificed a lot for us and this family.”

“Avery, you are wrong. I never feel that I have made any sacrifices for you.” Elliot clenched her hand
tightly, “Even if there is a so-called sacrifice, I will do it willingly after weighing it.”

“You speak now. It’s getting sweeter and I can’t even quarrel with you, it’s really boring.” Avery teased,
“How are you recruiting assistants?”

“Personnel sent me some resumes submitted by women. As for mine Assistant, we haven’t started
screening yet.” Elliot said, “I’ll wait to see if those resumes are suitable for you.”

“You just pass it to me, I’ll read it myself!” Avery said, “This kind of trivial matter, I myself Just come.”

“Okay, then I’ll go home and accompany the children.” When Elliot said this, his eyes softened a little, “I
like to play with the children.”

“Layla and Robert also like you. In the past, Layla always favored me, but now she has a flat bowl of
water.” Avery laughed dumbly.

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Chapter 2387

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