Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 3021

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Hayden: “Then I’ll invite another nanny…”

“No need. Joanna is very relaxed now. If she doesn’t do anything, she won’t get used to it!” Mrs. Picard
was very satisfied now, and the only thing she worried about was her daughter’s marriage.

The daughter was like this now, and she didn’t know what kind of man she could find in the future.

“By the way, Hayden, did Joanna tell you that we want my husband and son to come over for a few
days on May Day. I haven’t seen them since New Year. My son was able to come over for the May Day
holiday recently. At other times, he is busy studying.” Mrs. Picard explained the matter to Hayden, “My
husband smokes, if he comes over, I will definitely let him smoke outside, and I will never let him
smoke indoors.”

Hayden: “Of course it’s okay. As long as he doesn’t smoke in front of the children, he’ll be fine.”

Mrs. Picard: “I will not allow him to smoke in front of the children. Even if I don’t tell you, Joanna won’t
let me. My husband has a good sense of proportion as well. If he wants to smoke, he will do so in

“Well, then it’s no problem.” Hayden’s eyes fell on the two children.

After the two of them ate the rice cakes, they started playing with toys now.

Gia’s toy, Dorian had never played with it, so it was very novel.

After a while, Joanna brought over the cut fruits.

“Use this fork! This is a new fork.” Joanna handed the fork to Hayden.

Hayden looked at the fork and felt that the fork was quite beautiful.

“It’s from Juliette. After we moved, she gave us a set of luxurious tableware.” Joanna explained.

Hayden: “You are not required to notify me if you wish to invite friends to play. And if your family wants
to come over, don’t tell me.”

“Oh…” Joanna was stunned.

Mrs. Picard explained with a smile: “I just told Hayden about your father and younger brother coming
over on May Day.”

“Oh!” Joanna blushed a little, “Hayden, thank you!”

Hayden got up early today and was a little sleepy, so he asked, “Are there any spare rooms? I’ll go and
lie down for a while.”

“Yes.” Joanna immediately took him to the guest room.

Hayden lay down and slept for about an hour when his cell phone rang.

Avery made a video call.

Because this was the first time Hayden took Dorian out to play, although Avery thought it was good, he
was not at ease is the fastest update, please bookmark for reading.

Hayden saw his mother’s video, and walked downstairs with his mobile phone.

Avery made the video, definitely not to watch Hayden, but to watch Dorian.

“Joanna! Where’s Dorian? My mother is here to make a video!” Hayden asked immediately when he
saw Joanna squatting by the coffee table, peeling the skin of the grapes.

“They are playing in the yard! My mother said the sun is nice outside, so take the children out to bask in
the sun.” Seeing that Hayden was anxious, Joanna immediately wiped her hands with a tissue, trying to
help him out, “Why don’t you answer the video, Let me tell auntie? If auntie knows that you are bringing
Dorian with me, she should be more at ease.”

Hayden felt that what Joanna said made sense.

“How do you explain this house?” Hayden asked.

“Give me your phone, and I’ll tell you that you and the child are asleep.” Joanna was quick to wit, “I’ll
pick it up in the backyard.”

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Chapter 3021

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