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Chapter 1119

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You’re Thinking Too Much

She stayed in Evan’s office the whole afternoon until they took the private jet back to the island in the

“Do you travel back and forth like this every day in the past?” Jenny couldn’t help but ask. Although the
flight only took an hour, she still found it troublesome.

“No, I was mostly in the city of Duxdence. I only come back here occasionally,” Evan answered. But
now it was different. He couldn’t leave Jenny to stay in Duxdence alone, but he also didn’t want to be
away from her for several days, so he had to travel every day.

When Jenny heard him say that, she knew what he meant. “Actually, you don’t have to travel to and fro
like this every day. I won’t run away.”

“Are you showing concern for me?” Evan smiled, secretly happy that Jenny cared about him.

Jenny was speechless. Although she felt annoyed, she didn’t say anything.” I just don’t think it’s
necessary,” she finally said.

“It’s necessary for me.’ Seeing Jenny every day was something he’d been dreaming of.

Jenny had nothing to say to that and remained silent. The jet plane landed quickly, and the two of them
walked straight to the castle and returned to their respective rooms.

After returning to his room, Evan asked Howard, “Where did she go today?”

Howard reported where she’d been and asked in confusion, “Boss, what are you worried about?’

“It’s nothing. I’m just a little worried.” Although he couldn’t sense anything amiss right now, he just had
a feeling that Jenny wasn’t the kind of person who gave up easily.

If she were to get angry with him, scold him, or even leave him, Evan could accept it, and he was even
prepared for it. But Jenny was too calm throughout this whole time, and that made him feel a little

“You’re thinking too much. Maybe Miss Walter has figured things out and thinks that you’re not too
bad,” Howard comforted him.

Howard thought the world of Evan. In his opinion, women like Jenny, who didn’t know what was good
for them, deserved death for their ignorance.

“Go get some rest.” Evan nodded and waved him off. He also hoped that he was thinking too much and
that Jenny had truly decided to stay.

Another three days passed by calmly, but Jenny felt increasingly anxious. Why hadn’t Olivia given her
any updates yet? Could she really pull it off?

If Olivia couldn’t get her off the island, Jenny had to quickly think of another plan. She couldn’t just keep
waiting like this. Just when she was stressing about it, Olivia pushed open her door.

“Evan won’t be back until very late tomorrow, and he won’t be leaving the island for a long time after
that. So, tomorrow is your only chance.”

Upon learning about that, Jenny felt helpless as she thought, “If I fail tomorrow, then I won’t get another
chance to escape for a long time.”

However, she didn’t say it out loud. She nodded and asked, “How are you going to get me off the

“Tomorrow, I’ll put you in a box and send you away on a supply ship. After it docks, you’ll have to figure
it out on your own.’ Olivia had already done enough by helping Jenny get to Duxdence. She didn’t
arrange anything else for Jenny after that.

Jenny wasn’t worried, as she’d already contacted Alec in advance. As long as she could reach
Duxdence, Alec would be able to find her.

“Okay.” Jenny nodded and agreed. No matter what, tomorrow was her only chance. Even though she
knew that Olivia wasn’t a good person, Jenny had to take the gamble.

Seeing that Jenny had agreed, Olivia breathed a sigh of relief. ’Rest well and prepare yourself. I don’t
want you to fail tomorrow.’

In any case, she had to get Jenny off the island. Only if she died outside could Olivia escape any
suspicion. If she died on the island, Evan would definitely think it was related to her.

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