Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1122

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There’s No One in the Room

Olivia had her worries too. Although she’d sent Jenny away and arranged for her to be disposed of, she
still hadn’t received any news from the three people she sent over, so she didn’t know if Jenny was
dead or alive. The knocking from upstairs continued, annoying Olivia as she lay in bed tossing and

Evan had been waiting for five minutes, but there was no sound coming from the room at all, which
alarmed him. Jenny wasn’t a heavy sleeper; even if she’d been asleep at this hour, she should have
been awakened by his knocking.

There were no servants in the castle, so even if he wanted to find someone to ask, he wouldn’t be able
to find anyone. He raised his hand and knocked on the door again, but no one answered.

Evan began to sense that something wasn’t right, and his tone became serious. “Jenny, are you there?
Say something if you are; otherwise, I’ll have to come in.”

No one answered. The castle was completely silent.

Evan called Howard, who quickly came over. Howard was still dealing with something, so he hadn’t
returned to the castle yet and was a bit confused when he received Evan’s call.

“The room key,” Evan said coldly.

Howard didn’t know what was going on, but he didn’t dare delay and quickly found the key to Jenny’s
room. When the door was opened, there was no sign of Jenny in the room. She had disappeared
without a trace.

When Howard saw Evan come out of the room with a gloomy expression, he immediately realized what
had happened. “Boss, Miss Walter…’

“Go get Olivia for me,” Evan ordered coldly.

Howard was taken aback, but under Evan’s icy gaze, he quickly went downstairs to knock on Olivia’s

Olivia hadn’t expected Evan would choose to open Jenny’s door right away. She thought he would
leave after getting no response. She’d even thought that he might not find out until tomorrow morning
that Jenny had left. When she came out of her room, Evan had already come down and was sitting on
the sofa in the living room.

Olivia walked over with some trepidation and confusion. “Evan, you’re back. What’s the matter?”

“Where’s Jenny?” Evan asked, staring at her.

“Jenny?” Olivia had considerably good acting skills and was prepared for this situation, so she wasn’t
too flustered.

“Isn’t she resting in the room?” Olivia replied.

Evan sneered, and his gaze gave her a feeling that she was being seen through, which made her
particularly uneasy.

“There’s no one in the room,” Evan stated.

Olivia was surprised. “How is that possible? I saw her enter the room with my very eyes, and she hasn’t
come out since.”

Howard was also shocked and hurriedly said, “Boss, could Miss Walter be at the seaside?”

After all, Jenny liked to go to the seaside, so it wasn’t unusual for her to not be in her room.

“When did you see her enter the room?” Evan asked.

“This morning,” Olivia answered.

Evan frowned, already starting to get angry. “This morning?”

“Yes, after you left, she returned to the room and told me not to look for her. Otherwise, she would say I
bullied her when you came back. Under these circumstances, how would I dare to look for her?” Olivia

Evan found it ridiculous. “You never knocked on the door after that?” “I knocked during lunch and
dinner, but she didn’t answer,’ Olivia said. She then pouted and continued, “You know I don’t like her. I
can’t be bothered if she has eaten or not.”

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