Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1123

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Do You Think I’m a Fool?

Evan had expected Olivia not to be on good terms with Jenny. He asked Olivia to stay not because he
wanted her to have a good relationship with Jenny but simply hoped she would take care of her.

Looking at her with scrutiny, Evan looked as if he was doubting the truth in her words. Olivia could tell
he was suspecting her and asked incredulously, “Evan, you don’t think I drove her away, do you? Do
you think I would help her?”

That was true. Everyone assumed it was highly unlikely for Olivia to help Jenny. No one would have
expected that it was indeed her who sent Jenny away. However, she didn’t do it for Jenny’s sake but to
help herself.

“Search the entire island and leave no stones unturned!” Evan ordered.

In fact, he knew the likelihood of Jenny still being on the island was slim, but he didn’t give up. He had
to at least make an effort to find her and see her with his own eyes to feel at ease.

That night, the island was in chaos. No matter how Howard and his men searched the island, there was
no trace of Jenny. It was as if she had disappeared into thin air.

Listening to Howard’s report, Evan remained silent with a calm face. “Don’t bother continuing with the
search. She’s no longer on the island.” Although he had suspected it before the search, he still felt
dismayed upon

confirming it. After all that they’d been through, she still chose to leave him.

“Boss, this is impossible! There are only two ways off the island. Where could she have gone?’ Howard
was puzzled and couldn’t figure it out.

Evan wasn’t surprised by this. He glanced at Olivia, who was standing there, and sneered. “It’s the
work of a traitor.”

“A traitor?” Howard was shocked. “Damn it! I’ll find that traitor no matter what.”

Olivia, who was standing to one side, felt a chill run down her spine. She had the feeling that Evan was
referring to her. While she was thinking about whether she was suspected, one of Evan’s subordinates
came in through the door and reported, “Boss, we received an express delivery at the company.”

“Get lost!” He was not in the mood to deal with company matters now and spoke irritably.

Despite his cranky attitude, the subordinate didn’t leave and said softly, “It… it was sent by Jenny.” With
those words, everything fell silent. Olivia’s eyes widened with shock, unable to believe what she just

“Jenny sent it? Does this mean she’s not dead?” Olivia pondered anxiously.

Before she could even think about what Jenny could have sent, the subordinate who came to report
whipped out his phone and opened the photo album before handing it over to Evan. There were two
photos, one was the express delivery note with Jenny’s name, and the other was a check with Olivia’s

At this point, Evan understood everything. He turned his head and looked at Olivia, who was standing
beside him,

“You’ve worked with me for so many years, yet you’re still not smart enough.”

Olivia was stunned, and her intuition told her that whatever Jenny sent was definitely nothing good.
“Evan, what do you mean by that?”

“Did you give Jenny a check?” Evan asked in return.

As soon as those words were spoken, Olivia’s legs went weak in an instant.

“That bitch! How dare she stab me behind my back!” she screamed inwardly.

If it weren’t for the check, even if Evan suspected her, there wouldn’t be any evidence. In the end, he
would probably let her off the hook considering how long she’d been in his service.

All that might change now.

Olivia bit her lip and suddenly felt aggrieved. “Evan, things are not what you think. It was Jenny who
coerced me!”

“She coerced you? And you still gave her money?” Evan sneered and let her continue with her farce.

Olivia hurriedly explained, “She forced me to find a way to help her escape, and she made me write her
a check. Other than that, she threatened to kill me! I had no choice but to-“

“Enough!” Evan interrupted her coldly. ’Do you really think I’m a fool?”

“Evan…” “Get lost. From now on, I don’t want to see you ever again. Get off the island immediately.”
Evan looked away, not wanting to say another word to her.

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