Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1124

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You Never Wanted to Stay

Olivia couldn’t believe that Evan was actually going to kick her off the island. Staying on the island
meant she was one of Evan’s close confidants. Once she was kicked out, even if she went to work in
the company, it would be completely different from before.

“Evan! You can’t do this! I’ve been with you for so many years. How can you kick me out?” She couldn’t
accept such an outcome. She found it utterly incredulous.

She’d also put in so much of her effort in this place. Even in the beginning, it was she and Evan who
bought this island as their base of operations. But now, she was going to be kicked out?

Unfortunately, faced with her pleading, Evan’s stony heart wasn’t the slightest bit moved. ’Get out!
Otherwise, don’t blame me for not upholding the last bit of courtesy toward you!’

“Evan!” Olivia gritted her teeth at him. At this moment, her hatred and resentment were magnified
several times over.

Seeing that Olivia was about to rush over to Evan, Howard held her back and forcibly pulled her out of
the castle. “Don’t be impulsive. Boss is angry right now. He’ll get even more infuriated if you go against

“What do I do then? He’s going to kick me out!” Olivia cried. Right then, she was truly shattered.

Sighing helplessly, Howard wondered how things had turned out this way.” Alright. Here’s what we’ll do.
You go to Duxdence and calm down for a few days, and I’ll talk to Boss.”

“Is there still a chance for me?” Olivia was unsure. Recalling Evan’s cold expression earlier, she felt
that he would never let her return.

Howard wasn’t sure either, but he said, “Don’t worry. You and I are Boss’ most loyal followers. He won’t
be that ruthless. But…you’ve really gone too far this time.’

“What did I do wrong? It’s all because I love him. If it weren’t for that, would I have done this?’ Olivia
couldn’t accept it.

“You like Boss. We all know that. But he doesn’t like you, and you know that too. Boss likes Jenny, and
this was probably his only chance to be with her. But you went ahead and ruined his chances
completely. Of course, he’s angry,” Howard said with another sigh.

Now that Jenny had left, unless Evan went back to Bardoff City to look for her again, he probably
wouldn’t have had another chance to come into contact with her again. On top of that, the chances of
them meeting again were close to zero. With how things had turned out, Howard surmised that Evan
wouldn’t go to Bardoff City to look for Jenny again.

In fact, everyone knew that Jenny didn’t like Evan. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t change

“I just thought that after Jenny left, maybe he would look at me more after Jenny left.’ Olivia didn’t know
where she went wrong. Did all this misfortune happen to her simply because she loved him too much?

Howard could only persuade Olivia to leave for now. He then turned and went back to the castle. By
then, Evan was no longer in the living room.

Howard sighed, seeing the light turned on in Jenny’s room upstairs. It seemed that it would be a
sleepless night for his boss.

In Jenny’s room, Evan stood on the balcony silently.

Suddenly, his phone rang, which brought him back to reality. At that moment, he didn’t feel like
answering the phone, but he still took it out for some reason.

It was an unfamiliar number. In this situation, he would just hang up, but today…

The call was connected, and it took a while before he tentatively asked,” Jenny, is that you?”

“Yes, it’s me,” Jenny answered. ‘Sorry for leaving without saying goodbye.”

Evan smiled bitterly. It was Jenny; his intuition was pretty accurate.

“I understand. You never wanted to stay here,” Evan said solemnly, mocking himself. He’d been
deceiving himself, thinking that if he worked hard enough, Jenny might be willing to stay when he knew
very well that she wouldn’t.

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