Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1127

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I’ll Be Better in the Future

“Hey, my darling, Jenny.” “Hey, my darling, Alec.’

It was still daytime in Lourdon, but it was already night in Bardoff City. Hundreds of people were simply
scrolling mindlessly online, and when they saw the news, they instantly perked up and grabbed their

“Has Mr. Faust finally found his princess?”

“Oh, how sweet of them!”

“They’re such a perfect couple.”

They didn’t really have a lot of fans. They weren’t celebrities, after all. The only people who followed
them were people who truly cared about them.

Hence, the internet showered them with blessings.

When Stephanie called, Jenny and Alec were having lunch. When she picked up, she heard
Stephanie’s excited voice through the receiver.” Jenny! Have you really gotten together with Alec?”

“Yeah.” She had no clue why Stephanie was so surprised. It was to be expected, wasn’t it?

After Stephanie’s call, several others called. Once they confirmed that her account had not been
hacked, they sent her their blessings.

Alec got a call, too, but it was from Old Mr. Faust.

Old Mr. Faust was not someone who would be actively online. He got to know about them so quickly
because of Alfred.

After dinner at Alec’s house, Old Mr. Faust was no longer as resistant toward Alfred. It could also be
because of his old age. He accepted Alfred

as a part of his own family. Most importantly, he could tell that Jenny and Alec had already accepted
Alfred. Old Mr. Faust naturally would not have a reason to push him away.

Hence, whenever Alfred came to Parrington, he would choose to visit Old Mr. Faust. He was the one
who told him about Jenny’s and Alec’s development.

“Relax, Grandpa. I know what to do.’ Alec was a little exasperated. Old Mr. Faust didn’t seem to trust
him at all. He felt like he would treat Jenny unfairly.

What a joke. Alec had pursued her tirelessly. Why would he treat her unfairly?

He hung up. Jenny put her phone away, too. “Was that Grandpa?”

“Yeah. He told me to cherish you this time and that if I treated you like crap again, he would break my
legs. I’m beginning to doubt if he even is my grandpa,” Alec said self-deprecatingly.

Jenny smiled. “Maybe he doesn’t have a good impression of you.”

After all, Alec had not been the best person the first two times. They wouldn’t have divorced if he was.

“Yeah. I’ll be better in the future.” Alec didn’t deny it. He gave Jenny some food. “Eat more.’

“Alright.” Jenny nodded. Then, she asked, “How many more days will we be here?”

“We’ll see where it takes us. Nothing much is happening in Faust Group. Of course, it’d be great if we
could stay for a few more days. After all, it’s not every day we get to vacation like this.” He wanted to
accompany her more, but after taking over the Fausts, he was nose deep in work.

Now that he thought about it, he wasn’t so sure if taking over the Fausts was the right choice. But if he
hadn’t chosen to do so, he wouldn’t be worthy of Jenny, who was now the head of the Walters.

Jenny didn’t mind. The hospital had given her a long holiday, and she didn’t want to waste it. “Alright,
we’ll stay for a few more days.”

Their decision was made. After lunch, they headed toward the next destination. But now, Alec was
enjoying it fully. He was no longer nervous about confessing.

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