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Chapter 1146

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I Owe You an Apology

Alec smiled softly and looked at Jenny. “Grandpa, I only want Jenny as my wife. Of course, I won’t let
go of her.”

“Haha!” Old Mr. Faust laughed heartily. “See, you’re creating trouble for yourself! Had you listened to
me, things wouldn’t have ended up this complicated!”

Alec had only succeeded in making Jenny his girlfriend after the winding detour, which was still a far
cry from her wife status in the past.

Looking embarrassed, he rubbed his nose and said, “This shows that Jenny and I are destined to be.
No matter how much we’ve gone through, we still end up together.”

Old Mr. Faust did not reply, as he had decided to close an eye on Alec’s remark. After all, his grandson
would never admit that he had been making dumb decisions in his relationship with Jenny.

The three of them chatted for a while before Old Mr. Faust shooed Alec into the kitchen. “Go, go! The
kitchen needs your help. I need a private chat with Jenny.”

“Sure, but you’d better not bully her,” Alec replied, earning a glare from his grandfather.

The old man snorted. “You should ask Jenny if I have ever bullied her.”

When Jenny first married Alec and joined the Fausts, he didn’t show any interest in her at all. At that
time, Old Mr. Faust fought for Jenny in the family, giving her two peaceful years of living under the
same roof.

Although the marriage failed, no one could deny that Old Mr. Faust protected Jenny well.

Anyway, that was only a cheeky remark from Alec. He got up and headed to the kitchen soon. After he
left, Old Mr. Faust turned to Jenny. “Jenny, do you truly want to be with Alec? You’re not saying yes to
him just to shut him up, are you?”

He was concerned that Jenny wasn’t truly in love with Alec, which might lead to a short-lived

“Grandpa, don’t worry. I don’t play around with relationships. I’ve given it serious thought,” she

He laughed merrily and patted the back of her hand. “Great! Good to hear that. I’m Alec’s only living
relative, and I’m worried he’d be alone once I’m gone. That’s why I wish that he has someone by his
side. You can take care of him, or it can be the other way around, but at the very least, he won’t be
lonely. I’m so relieved now that he has you.”

She sensed a sharp pang of pain in her heart. Staring at the old man whose hair had grayed, she
comforted him, “Grandpa, you shouldn’t overthink. You will live a long life.”

“What’s good about living a long life? I’m happy and content as long as Alec isn’t lonely.’ Even if he
were to die at that moment, he’d be leaving with no regrets. Still, he hoped to make it to Alec’s

Jenny dropped the topic because it was too heavy. The discussion would bring her and Old Mr. Faust’s
mood down.

Old Mr. Faust swiftly changed the topic and said, “Jenny, actually, I owed you an apology all along.”

She was startled by the sudden confession. “Grandpa, why so?”

“I wanted Alec to marry you, not because I was happy with you. I heard about your identity from your
grandpa, and I thought by having Alec marry you, the Fausts would further prosper once you return to
your roots in Bardoff City.” He sighed and added, “I was driven by personal desire in my efforts to get
the two of you remarried. I wasn’t exactly doing it in your best interest like you might have believed.”

He felt more ashamed after confessing his intentions out loud. Using a young lady as a pawn to expand
the influence of the Fausts was a shameless move indeed.

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