Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1185

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Be More Attentive

In the end, Pete left the mansion in a storm of rage, and one wondered if he had taken Lynette’s words
to heart.

Just as she let out a sigh of relief, Eric went up to the second floor and stood in front of her. Before she
could speak to him, he grabbed her by the neck. “So, did you meet Graham Walter? Did he get intimate
with you?”

It turned out that Eric wasn’t as unbothered as he appeared on the surface. To him, Lynette was his
woman, and regardless of whether he actually loved her, no other man should touch her. He was silent
on their way home because he was figuring out a way to teach her a lesson. What could be done to
scare her into not seeing men behind his back?

After racking his brains, he concluded that a beating was the most effective.

“Let go of me!” Her attempts to push him away were futile. “Eric Dafoe, you’re a sick man!”

“Yeah, this isn’t your first day knowing that about me, is it?” he was as calm as water, but he tightened
his grip on her neck, and she instantly gasped for air. Then, she was dragged into the bedroom and
thrown onto the bed.

“Eric Dafoe, get out of my room!” Even after many years of marriage, they never shared the same

“Get out? You’re my wife. What’s wrong if I want to sleep with you?” While speaking, he pinned her
underneath and ignored her struggles. He was dead set on taking her.

She fought back against him but ended up being beaten before succumbing to his aggressive
advances. Even though they never shared a room after many years, that was not the first time Eric had

forced himself on her.

Many times, she considered taking Eric with her to her death, but she had lingering affection for the
world. To be exact, she couldn’t bring herself to part with Jenny and Graham for good. When she
thought she couldn’t go on anymore, she’d think of her daughter and the man she loved the most.
Whenever Eric assaulted her, she’d keep thoughts of Jenny and Graham in her mind. She could only
tell herself that Eric was a tool for her. That was the only way she could live without the crushing

Meanwhile, back at Graham’s villa in Bayside City, he tossed and turned for the whole night, thinking of
a way to bring Lynette with them. Unfortunately, he didn’t make any progress on that.

Jenny woke up in the morning to his dark eye circles. “Dad, did you not sleep last night?”

“How could I when Nettie’s suffering?” he sighed, wishing fervently that he could bring her with him
right away.

Jenny went to the dining table and wolfed down her cereal. “Don’t worry. Eric Dafoe’s running a huge
business. There must be some dirt on him. We need to dig up that dirt. As long as it poses a threat to
the Dafoes, I believe he’d choose to protect his family name over keeping Lynette.”

A man like Eric would pick his family’s reputation over everything else.

“Will that work?” Graham sounded concerned.

“Yes.” Jenny was confident about the plan. Now that they found Lynette, everything else would
eventually work out.

He was visibly relieved when he witnessed her confidence. “I’m aging now and not as shrewd as you
when it comes to strategizing. You need to be more attentive to your mom’s case.”

“Yeah. I got it,” she answered without much thought while finishing the cereal.

Graham sat across from her with a complicated look on his face. “Jenny, have you never thought of
Lynette as your mom?” Every time Jenny referred to Lynette by her first name, he would feel upset.

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