Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1187

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What’s There to Work On?

After an excruciatingly lengthy silence, Pete gave in and asked, “When did you recognize me?”

“First of all, you bear some resemblance to your father,” she explained.” Secondly, I looked into the
Dafoes before this. Not only do I know you well, I am privy to the matters of all your family members.’ If
people in the Dafoe family tree stood before her, she might recognize and name them better than Pete

At this point, Pete’s smile was wiped off his smug face, but he soon emerged from his silence as he
recalled the main goal of his meeting with Jenny. “Is that so? That’s great. I don’t even have to
introduce you to all of them next time.”

“What?” She was perplexed, as though she hadn’t figured out the meaning behind his words.

“I think you’re a lovely young lady. Since I’m single, I shall allow you to date me.” He sounded rather
frivolous and seemed to believe that it was Jenny’s good fortune to have a chance at dating him.

This time, she burst out laughing. “Are all the Dafoes narcissists?” Eric was conceited, and so was his
son. They were family indeed.

“Jenny Walter, I know your family is one of the Ten Elites of Bardoff City, but you are nothing compared
to us Dafoes. I am giving you a chance right now,” he huffed.

She sighed as she silently questioned her decision to join him at the cafe. Finally, she put on a straight
face. “Pete Dafoe, why don’t you tell me about your motive instead of wasting time with pleasantries? I
still think there is an opportunity for us to work together.”

“What’s there to work on?” he scoffed.

“Isn’t there? I thought you were ambitious.” Her gaze pierced through him as she smiled. “You must
have had nothing to do with the invincible Dafoes that you keep harping about.”

He grimaced at her remark. At first, he thought that Jenny was an interesting character. If he could date
Jenny, he’d make Lynette choke on anger. However, his impression of Jenny had since changed.

“I know you’re unhappy about Lynette Bell and think of her as the reason behind your mother’s death.
That’s why you approached me-you wanted to provoke her. But does that even mean anything?” She
gave him a look of pity. Yes, she pitied him, and she also thought that he was pathetic.

When he realized what was going on, he could no longer smile. “What are you saying?”

“I believe you understand very well that your father, Eric Dafoe, was responsible for your mother’s
tragic death. Things wouldn’t have ended up this way if it weren’t for him. So, you should work toward
replacing him, not wasting your time on Lynette. Provoking her is a useless move.” She wouldn’t have
wasted her time persuading Pete if she didn’t need his cooperation. The Dafoes were all crooks to her

Jenny’s words got Pete shaken up and thinking. He approached her to play her, but she was talking
business with him. He needed time to process the huge change.

Silence filled the lounge once more. Suddenly, Jenny’s phone buzzed from Mr. Ortiz’s call. She looked
serious when she saw the caller ID, but she openly picked up the call in Pete’s presence. When Mr.
Ortiz informed her that the villa was under attack, she merely acknowledged the incident and hung up.
Instead of leaving, she stared at Pete, waiting for him to speak

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