Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1227

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Sleepless Night

"Jenny, I don't care about these things.In fact, I suggested it, "Lynette said.

Although she still loved Graham, she didn't want to suffer the hardships of marriage all over again.

She felt that being together with Graham like this was good enough, and there was no need to be hung
up on any form of legal status to be Graham's wife.

Since Lynette said so, Jenny didn't push for them to get married and let it go.

"Alright, you guys should decide for yourselves."

After all, it was their own business, and the days ahead were theirs to live.

As a daughter, she had no right to intervene too much.

The topic ended there.

Graham had originally wanted to ask Jenny and Alec when they planned to get married, as he planned
to go traveling around the world after they got married.

But thinking of what Alec had said in the kitchen earlier, he felt that asking now might be a bit too hasty.

No matter when they got married, Graham and Lynette could always hurry back by that time.

Soon, they were done with the meal.

A harmonious and warm atmosphere lingered around after that.

It gave Jenny a sense of being at home, but it was a very weak feeling that disappeared after leaving
Walter Castle.

"I think your father and mother are still very affectionate toward each other.You don't have to worry too

Alec said, looking at Jenny and trying to comfort her.

They were in the backseat of the car, and she was leaning on his shoulder.

Jenny understood what he meant.

"I know, I'm not worried.I'm happy for them."

Happy? Alec couldn't see any trace of joy on her face.

"Alec, have you ever thought about what the future will be like?"

Jenny suddenly asked as she snuggled deeper into Alec's arms.

Alec was a little taken aback but quickly replied, "I don't know what the future will be like, but there is
one thing I'm sure of—my future will definitely have you in it."

Jenny felt her heart skip a beat at his words.Her lips curled up, and the uneasiness in her heart
dissipated a lot.

"Well, that would be nice."

After returning to the villa, Jenny seemed to be drunk as she kept clinging to him, unwilling to let go.

Feeling helpless, Alec had no choice but to accompany her to bed.

At first, they slept peacefully, but gradually the mood began to change.

"Jenny, if you squirm around again, I won't be able to hold myself back anymore."

Alec felt he had already been very gentlemanly and patient, but Jenny kept pushing him.

He could barely hold himself back.

Jenny looked up, and her lips were just against Alec's chin.

* No one's asking you to hold back..."

She had whispered those words, but Alec still heard them.

He chuckled lightly and then pressed her down on the bed, "You said it yourself."

Jenny blinked her misty eyes at him in a daze, not realizing how attractive that gaze was to Alec.

Almost instantly, Alec lowered his head and bit her lips.

This night was destined to be a sleepless night.

Early in the morning at Faust Group, Vincent could tell that his boss was in a good mood.

"Mr.Faust, it seems like the Wardleys are up to something,"

Vincent reported.

At that moment, Alec had a contented smile on his lips, but that smile disappeared immediately when
he heard Vincent's words.

"The Wardleys? What are they up to?"

"It seems like they have been contacting other families privately, but we don't know what they're trying
to do yet,"

Vincent answered with a hint of concern.

Ever since he found out that Anthony was now the head of the Wardleys, he felt that the man wouldn't
give up easily and would definitely try to attack Alec behind his back.

It was something Alec was well aware of.

"Hmph, I think he’s courting death! Make arrangements to teach the Wardleys a lesson.If they stop
what they're doing, then let them be.But if they don't, make the Wardleys disappear altogether."

Alec now had what it takes to call the shots for such a drastic decision.

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