Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1253

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Go Away

Although Jenny could guess what Alec was up to when she saw Stephanie and the others, seeing him
actually get down on one knee and present the ring to her was a thrilling experience.She'd fantasized
about this scenario more than once, and now it was finally coming true.She had to admit that she was

Although she and Alec shared a tumultuous history, they finally ended up together.

She had long fallen in love with him, so this marriage would not be like the first.

In fact, in Jenny's eyes, this was the real marriage.


Jenny was just staring at Alec with seemingly no intention of accepting.

Alec couldn't help getting worried.

"I know I was an asshole in the past and didn't treat you well.But this time, I swear to be better to
you.Whatever happened before will not happen again."

A huge misunderstanding had been committed between them.

If they hadn't married and then divorced in a haze, he and Jenny would not have had such a hard time
getting together.

Jenny snapped back to reality when he spoke.She smiled.

"I know, and I believe you."

After everything that they had gone through, she chose to believe Alec.

This time, they would be happy together.He successfully put the ring on her finger.

Jenny couldn't help wanting to laugh.

"I haven't even worn the ring you used to confess with, and now you're giving me a new one.Do you
just really like rings, Alec?"

Alec seemed to like gifting rings a lot.

"I just think that you look beautiful with them."

Alec got up, holding her hands.Her fingers were long and slender, and they looked extraordinarily
beautiful with the ring.

Jenny smiled and said, "But I can't keep wearing it.Doctors can't wear rings often."

Alec was stunned.He didn't know about things like that.

Only then did he understand why Jenny hadn't worn the rings he had gifted her.

"It's okay.I'll give you something else next time."

He could give her other things.

If she couldn't wear rings, she could wear them around her neck as a necklace.

Whilst they talked, applause sounded from their audience.

They were all looking at them with smiles on their faces.

Besides Leonard, who only got to know them recently, everyone else present had witnessed just how
hard it was for them to finally be together.

Everyone was happy to see them have a happy ending.

Alec directed them to their seats.

The restaurant lit up, and the waiters began serving them their food.

Jenny then realized that Paul was there too, and Melanie was by his side.

She didn't think too much of it.

After all, Paul was Alec's best friend, and it was expected of him to come.

She was just a little worried about him.

Thankfully, he wasn't doing anything weird.

In fact, he wasn't even sparing a glance at Stephanie and Leonard.

It was as if he didn't know them at all.

They all took their seats.

Max then piped up, "Seems like I'm a witness of your love.Do you want me to officiate your wedding?"

Alec rolled his eyes.

Coldly, he said, "Oh, go away."

Having Max at the wedding was generous enough.

Having him as their officiator? What a joke.

"What? Have I said something wrong? I was the first guy to go after her after you divorced her."

Max wagged his eyebrows, jutting his chin out toward Alec.

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