Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1254

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What Do You Know About Me?

Alec scolded him inwardly for being so immature, then said coldly, "I'd advise you to be more careful
with your words in the future.You're married now.Jade might run after you with a rolling pin one day."

Max glanced nervously at Jade for a second.However, she didn't look angry.He retorted, "Jade and I
are on great terms.She wouldn't mind."

"That's enough.Eat your food." Jade rolled her eyes.

Although she knew Max didn't really have feelings for Jenny, she felt it was best if he shut up now, in
case he killed the vibe.

Max instantly looked at Jade pitifully as if wanting to object.

But when he saw her warning glare, he shut up.

Jenny didn't expect the flamboyant Max to be subdued after his marriage to Jade.

He was a family guy now, nothing like the arrogant bastard he was before.

It seemed that marriage could change people.It was a merry atmosphere in the restaurant.

After the meal, Alec offered to take them to the bar for drinks.

His proposal had succeeded, after all, and in Alec's eyes, it was worth celebrating with everyone.

No one had any objections to that, and Jenny didn't refuse.

They went to the bar in high spirits.

However, there was one exception.

Paul followed them to the bar, but he didn't smile at all.

He drank throughout the night with his head down.

Melanie wasn't too happy, either.

She was not on close terms with either Alec or Jenny, and even when she knew that Stephanie and
Leonard were also coming, she was still thick-skinned enough to come.

She didn't want Paul to suffer alone.

Paul was sitting in a corner.

Melanie sat next to him, looking at him sadly.

"Don't drink anymore."

She tried to take the drink away from his hands but didn't succeed.

"I know you're miserable, but what's the use in drinking? You're just going to harm your body."

She was anxious and frustrated, but there was nothing she could do.

Paul glanced at her and downed his glass.

"Why are you following me around? Why don't you have fun with them?"

They should all be having fun.

"I'm not familiar with Alec and Jenny.I'm only here for you."

Melanie didn't disguise her affection for Paul.

Even her gaze was scorching.

When Paul met her gaze, it was as if he was burnt.He looked away hurriedly.

"For me? What a joke."

"Why is it a joke? Can't I have feelings for you?"

Melanie was not someone who beat around the bush.

From the day she started having feelings for Paul, she didn't hold back her affection toward him.

Paul put down his glass, amused by her words.

"Feelings for me? Why? What do you know about me?"

"I don't need a reason to like you.As for knowing you..."

She paused.

"You're not even giving me a chance.How would I know you?"

"And you dare to say that you like me? Isn't that just hilarious?"

Paul shook his head and held up his glass again, not planning on saying anything else to her.

Melanie was fast.She grabbed the glass.

"Who says I can't like someone without knowing them first? If I like someone, I'll like them no matter
how they are.That's why it's not important that I understand you."

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