Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1258

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I Should Give Her Some Time

Jenny rolled her eyes. Alec was clearly the one who had told them. She’d wanted to tell them, but only
after a while. But since Alec had no.velxo already informed them, Jenny had no intention of covering it
up. “Alright. I’m going to bathe.”

“I’ll wait for you downstairs.” Alec had woken up early, and he had already washed up. He just hadn’t
woken her up.

Alec left the room. Jenny sat on the bed, staring into the distance for a while. Then, she got off the bed
and went into the washroom.

Soon, Jenny went downstairs. Alec was already waiting for her in the living room, and breakfast was
ready on the table. This scene alone made no.velxo it feel like they had already been married for a long

“Let’s eat.” Alec saw her coming downstairs and went toward the dining table.

They ate, and soon they were on their way towards Walter Castle.

Graham and Lynette were waiting for them. They were both feeling a mixture of emotions. Although
they knew this day would come, it still felt too sudden.

Their daughter was going to be married off.

“Don’t worry, Lynette. I’ve observed Alec for a long time,no.velxo and he’s an acceptable young man.
What’s more, with us behind her, Jenny won’t suffer, ” Graham comforted Lynette, although he was
feeling sad.

However, in comparison,novel.xo Lynette probably felt worse.

Jenny hadn’t even called her “Mom” yet, and she was already about to marry. After her marriage,
Jenny would see her even less.

Lynette nodded. “I know, and I’m not sad. I should be happy that Jenny has found someone to grow old
with. What a good thing that is.”

“Yes. Even if Jenny marries him, she will still be in Bardoff City. It will be easy for us to see her.”
Graham knew what she was worried about.

“Graham, do you think Jenny novelxo will finally accept me as her mother?” Lynette was not very
confident. She was truly afraid that Jenny wouldn’t accept her.

Graham hurriedly said, “She will definitely accept you. You are her mother. That is a fact. Besides,
Jenny knows what happened back then novel.xo. She won’t blame you for that. She just hasn’t
recovered from the shock. Just give her some time.”

After he said that, Lynette relaxed. “Maybe you’re right. I should give her some time.”

As they spoke, footsteps sounded outside the door. They stopped talking and looked toward the door.

Jenny and Alec walked in, not knowing what had been discussed.

“Dad.” Jenny looked at Graham. She did not call Lynette her mother. It just didn’t feel right. Things
weren’t as awkward between them as before, so she could call her “Madam Bell.” It felt weird, but
Jenny honestly couldn’t call her “Mom” yet.

“Mr. Walter. Madam Bell.” Alec greeted them both. He believed that he would be calling them Mom and
Dad soon.

They smiled at him. Lynette didn’t mind novel.xo Jenny not greeting her. She understood Jenny’s
emotional conflict, and it was better than being called ” Madam Bell.”

“Let’s sit. There’s still some time to go before lunch. We’d like to use this time to talk with you,” Graham
said. His tone was making Alec anxious.

They sat. Graham and Lynette glanced novelxo at each other before speaking. “So, we hear that Jenny
accepted your proposal last night.”

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