Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1263

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Alright, Whatever You Say

Warrens smiled and quickly went to make the arrangements. He soon returned to Old Mr. Faust’s side.
“You can rest easy now, Mr. Faust.” “Yes, I can.” Old Mr. Faust had held on for a long time because he
was worried that Alec would end up lonely. Now, even if he left this world,novelxo Alec would have his
own family.

“When they first divorced, I didn’t think I’d see this day coming.” Warren remembered arranging the
wedding for Alec. Back then, he thought that it was all a pity. Jenny was such a good person, but Alec
didn’t know how to cherish her.

Who would have thought that after so many years, they would still end up together, with a stronger
relationship than ever before?

Old Mr. Faust was happy. “I think that they’re very compatible with each other. It seems that God thinks
the same as I do.”

“Yes. You are wise indeed, Mr. Faust,” Warren said.

As they spoke, Jenny was finished checking on novelxo all the patients, and Alec had gone to the
hospital to bring her home.

“Didn’t I say you didn’t have to get me?” Faust Group and the hospital were on different sides of the
town. If Alec were to come to get her, he would have to take a long route. Jenny thought it was too
much of a hassle and didn’t want Alec to get her.

Alec held her hand and said, “You got off work early, and I’m happy to drive you. Why can’t I do that?”

Jenny had nothing to say to that.

They left the hospital. Alec was in a good mood that day and decided to cook. Hence, they did not go
home and instead went to the supermarket.

“What would you like to have?” Alec asked. Cooking was no problem for him. The problem was what
she wanted to eat.

Jenny walked by his side, looking at the vegetables around her. “I’m fine with anything. You can make
what you like.” She couldn’t make a decision just like that.

Alec had no choice but to pick nØvelxo them out himself. Most of the dishes were Jenny’s favorites. His
love was clearly shown.

Once they were done shopping in the supermarket, Jenny brought him to the mall to buy some things.

Since they were going back to Parrington tomorrow, no.velxo they had to bring a gift to Old Mr. Faust.
On top of that, they weren’t just going to see him. They were going to Orchid Village as well.

She hadn’t gone to her uncle’s home before, but now she had to. Marriage was a big deal, and she had
to let them know.

They bought a lot of things. When they got home, it was already seven in the evening. Alec went
straight into the kitchen, and Jenny packed the things they had bought.

Half an hour later, Alec was done with dinner, and Jenny was done packing up. They ate together.

“Is there anywhere you’d love to go, Jenny?” Alec suddenly asked.

Jenny thought about it and said, “I want to go to so many places, but I don’t have the time to.”

“Maybe after the wedding, we’ll arrange our honeymoon trip. I’ll take you to all the places you want to
go. What do you think?” Alec asked. Although he could arrange it himself, he was worried that Jenny

wouldn’t like the places he picked.

Jenny went quiet, thinking that it was a good idea. “Alright. Whatever you say.”

They smiled at each other. Although they weren’t married yet, their chemistry could compare to that of
married couples.

Thus, another item was added nØvelxoto Alec’s itinerary. Besides designing the gown and the ring, he
had to plan their honeymoon.

This wasn’t a problem for him. Besides the designing, which he would do himself, the rest could be
given to his subordinates. He would only need to go through them to make the final decision.

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