Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1280

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They Sold You Out

Half an hour later, they arrived at the door of a small villa.

The plan was to observe instead of paying an actual visit because Jenny didn't want to remind the kids
of their late parents.

Soon, they saw the door open, and a figure appeared.

Jenny immediately recognized Lilian, who went by another name under the new family.

Lilian was dressed in a lovely princess gown.She appeared joyful from the bright smile on her face.

Justin showed up later, and the two played in the garden.

It was an envious and picturesque view.

"You can stop worrying now.They look like they're living a good life."

Alec embraced her.He had the adoptive parents investigated before the adoption.He wouldn't have
allowed them to adopt the children otherwise.

Jenny nodded.

"I feel relieved knowing that they're doing well."

They watched the children for a while and finally left after the children went into the house.

After that, they wandered through the streets of Parrington.

At the same time, Janet was alone at Zack's place in Bardoff City because he was still at work.

Therefore, she was puzzled when she heard the doorbell ring.

Did he forget his house keys? She answered the door while nagging, "You're careless.Did you forget to

The smile disappeared from her face when she saw a few men standing at the door.

"Who are you?"

"You're Janet Hale, aren't you?"

The man who led the pack snickered.

When she didn't answer, he boldly scanned her from head to toe.

"Looks decent."

She had no idea who they were, but she had a feeling that they were up to no good.She stumbled
backward warily and prepared to shut the door.

Before that, she demanded to know, "Who exactly are you? And why are you here?"

The man glanced at her and explained, "Your parents borrowed money from us, but they can't pay us
back.So, they pawned you."

Janet was bewildered.

"That's impossible!"

"Hah! Here's the receipt.Read for yourself."

Then, he threw a receipt at her.She picked it up with trembling hands, and her heart sank upon seeing
the familiar writing.She had known that her parents loved money more than they loved her, a truth she
learned to accept.But now...She felt like a clown.

Perhaps, they had never thought of her as a daughter.She forced herself to calm down and threw the
receipt back at the man.

"Is this even legal? If they owe you money, you should look for them.Why are you after me?"

She proceeded to close the door on them.However, the man grabbed the door.

"I don't care whether it's legal or not.Your parents pawned you, so you'll have to leave with us."

"Let go!"

She gritted her teeth, knowing that they wouldn't let this slip.

"How much did they owe you? I'll pay you back," she suggested.

The man let go of the door but stuck a foot out before she could shut it.

"Sure, you can do that.It's a small amount— one million."

"One million?"

She was bewildered.

What did her parents do with that money? The man seemed to read her mind.

"I heard your sister-in- law demanded a larger amount of dowry.Your parents had no choice but to
borrow money."The colors drained from her face.


Who else would her parents spend on, if not on their useless son?

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