Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1284

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Stop It!

“Ahhh-” Janet’s scream pierced through the air. She ran toward Zack like a madwoman when she saw
him get stabbed. Before she could go nearer, she was kicked aside by the man. She lost
consciousness right after, but before she blacked out, she seemed to see Zack smiling at her as though
he was trying to assuage her. She wanted to tell him how upset she was, but in the end, she didn’t
have the opportunity to do so.

Meanwhile, Jenny woke up groggily at the Old Mansion in Parrington when her phone rang. She was
confused when she saw the caller’s name. Why would Gilbert call her at this time of night?

“Gilbert?” she answered the call. “Why are you calling at this hour?”

It was just after 1 am, and she was fast asleep until she was awoken by Gilbert’s call, which puzzled

“What?” She was instantly awake after hearing what Gilbert had to say, and she sat up straight in the
bed. “Zack’s hurt?”

“Calm down. He’s fine. He’s at the hospital,” Gilbert hurriedly explained to stop her from worrying. He
added, “I didn’t want to call you, but I worried you would blame me for not keeping you in the loop. So,
here I am, telling you about it. I’m not here to make you worried.” He knew her well. She’d be upset for
not getting the news right away, so he decided to call in the wee hours of the night.

She had gotten out of bed and started dressing. “Of course you have to tell me right away! You’re at
Bardoff Hospital, right? I’m coming over right now. Let’s talk when I’m there.”

“Stop!” he scolded. “Don’t you ever check the time? You’re in Parrington! How on earth are you
supposed to travel here?”

She snapped back to reality. Right, she was in Parrington, and there were no flights to Bardoff City at
that time.

“Get a good rest and come to Bardoff City tomorrow. He’s fine. He only suffered from some bruises.”

She pursed her lips, thinking that Zack’s condition was not as simple as Gilbert had presented. “Who
hurt him?”

“I’ve gotten that guy under control. It’s quite complicated. Let’s talk when you’re back.” Next, he hung
up on her, refusing to take more questions.

She stared at her phone helplessly. She badly wanted to fly to Bardoff City. Too bad she was not a bird.
When she turned around, she found Alec awake. He must have woken up because of her. Feeling
embarrassed, she said, “Sorry. I woke you up.”

“Has something happened to Zack?” Alec asked. He observed the panic on Jenny’s face.

She nodded and sighed. “Yeah. Gilbert said Zack suffered some bruises, but I think he’s doing worse
than that. Gilbert wouldn’t have called me at this hour otherwise.” She guessed that Zack must have
been unconscious, for he would have stopped Gilbert from making the call, but he wasn’t there to
physically stop him.

“Are you very worried?” He looked at her.

She nodded. Of course she was worried about her brother.

He glanced at his phone and told her, “If we start the drive, we can reach Bardoff City around 10 am.”

“Huh? What do you mean?” She was caught off guard.

“If you’re worried, we can drive to Bardoff City,’ he suggested, knowing that Jenny would lose sleep if
she could not ascertain Zack’s condition with her own eyes. Instead of waiting for the next morning, he
thought they should move immediately.

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