Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1293

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Join Me, Then?

Janet shook her head while crying.

"No one bullied me."

No one dared to bully her with Zack by her side.

He badly wanted to hug his inconsolable lover, but he was unable to move and was forced to watch on

"Janet, don't cry.I can't even give you a hug right now."

She cried even louder at his remark.

"Why are foolish?"

"I'm not foolish.If I were a fool, I wouldn't have come across a lovely girl like you," he answered with a
chuckle, feeling like the happiest man on earth at that moment.

She felt his love, but the love had become such a suffocating burden for her.She loved him too, but she
believed she wasn't a good match for him.It took her a while to calm down. She patted her eyes dry.

* Zack, I'm sorry.You got hurt because of me." She thought an apology was warranted.

"Janet, we are one.We don't owe each other anything.If I were the one in trouble, I believe you would
have rushed over to save me."

He didn't need her apology because she wasn't at fault.

Still, she felt bad for him.

"My parents..."

"Don't overthink now.When I'm discharged, let's pay them a visit.We might figure out a way to deal with

Growing up without parents, Zack had no idea about the family dynamics between Janet and her

It was said that a parent's love for the child was universal, but he didn't feel that Janet's parents had
any love for her.

Maybe there were indeed parents who had no affection for their children, and Janet's parents were an

Well, his parents too...

Had they loved him, they wouldn't have abandoned him and made him an orphan.

Janet shook her head in horror when she heard the suggestion to visit her parents.

"No! You shouldn't go!"

She could picture the words that her parents would say to him.

They would definitely demand money and might even pester him about money after they acquainted
themselves with Zack.She feared that she might cause further harm to him.

"Calm down.If you don’t want me to go, I won't.Anyway, we're in this together.No matter what happens,
we will do it as a team."

He held her hand to soothe her.

The warmth of his touch calmed her.

"They're not good people, and they will probably pester you after you visit them.That's why I don't want
you to go."

"Yeah, I know." He nodded.He was aware of her concerns.

Honestly speaking, he was fine with her parents.

Although he wasn't as rich as Jenny or Alec, he was never short of money, and satisfying the greed of
her parents wouldn't be too much of an issue.

However, Janet had made it clear that she didn't want him to go down this route.

Therefore, he wouldn't do it to avoid upsetting her.She had gathered herself and put the thought of her
parents behind her.

"You've just woken up, and you're still weak.You need more rest."

"But I can't sleep."

He woke up feeling as though he had slept for a century.

Moreover, he was worried that Janet would leave him after he fell asleep.She flashed him a defeated

"Even so, you should lie in bed and rest."

"Join me, then?" He raised his eyebrows cheekily.

If she joined him in bed, time would go by faster.She promptly blushed.


"Why not? We can squeeze into this bed."

Then, he moved a little to the side to make space for her.

The blush on her cheeks deepened.

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