Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1320

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Alec was grilling some buffalo wings when he heard Max’s comment. He couldn’t help but raise a brow.
“Why? Are you jealous of me?”

“What the heck should I be jealous of? I’m already married myself,” Max replied. Besides, it was not
like he really liked Jenny back then. He was just curious about Alec’s feelings toward the whole

“Why are you asking so much, then?” Alec rolled his eyes at him. “By the way, when do you and Jade
plan to have children?”

Alec’s question came when Max least expected it, so it startled him for a moment. “Why are you asking
me this? Don’t tell me you and Jenny plan to have children already?”

“Isn’t it too early forthat?” Max thought.

“We haven’t made any plans yet. That’s why I’m asking you,” Alec replied. He couldn’t get a grasp of
when would be the perfect time to have children, so he decided to gather some information from

Max pondered what Alec said seriously for a moment and finally answered, ‘Well, Jade and I aren’t in a
hurry to have children at the moment. Having a child would spell the end of our perfect little world
where there’s only the two of us.”

Truth be told, he hoped to enjoy a few more years with Jade alone-just the two of them. Having
children wasn’t that important to him, as he wasn’t that fond of children to begin with.

Hearing Max’s reply, Alec realized having a child would definitely disrupt the private time they had with
each other. As a result of that, he dismissed the idea immediately. Initially, he’d considered having a

child while Old Mr. Faust was still around because that would make his grandfather very happy.
However, after the short chat with Max, he didn’t think that way anymore.

If they had a child, Jenny’s focus would undoubtedly shift her attention to caring for their baby. By that
time, she wouldn’t have enough energy to tend to Alec.

“You’re right. We’re not in a hurry to have children either,” Alec expressed with one final nod. After that,
they didn’t dwell on the topic.

On the other side, Jenny, Stephanie, and Jade sat together. Melanie had been sitting with Paul, yet he
ignored her completely and treated her like she was air. Hence, after giving it some thought, she
reluctantly came over to Jenny’s side.

“Jenny, after a long conversation with Leonard last night, we decided to have our wedding on a
beautiful island,” Stephanie announced.

Finding their choice interesting, Jenny chirped, “That’s wonderful! Now that’s going to be a unique
wedding. I’m sure your wedding will be totally unforgettable.”

“Don’t forget to invite me by then,” Jade said. She’d never attended a wedding on an island before.

Stephanie nodded, and as she was about to reassure Jade it wouldn’t be a problem, Melanie
requested meekly, “Count me in. I would like to attend your wedding too.” As soon as those words left
her mouth, everyone turned to look at her. Feeling a bit embarrassed, she continued, “I just want to
witness your happiness, Stephanie.”

Of course, her main intention was to bring Paul along so that he could witness Stephanie and
Leonard’s wedding firsthand. Melanie was hoping that he wouldn’t keep fantasizing about getting back
together with Stephanie after that.

“You’re welcome to join my wedding, of course,” Stephanie replied.

Although they weren’t close to Melanie, she didn’t dislike her. In addition, she knew that Melanie was
having a tough time connecting with Paul emotionally, so she wanted to help her.

While the women were chatting, Gilbert finished his drink and got up to join Paul.

Paul frowned as he saw Gilbert sitting next to him. “Do you need something?”

Personally, Paul thought that they had no common topics to talk about. Even though Marigold had
accepted Gilbert’s money and didn’t plan to hold him responsible for their child, that didn’t mean Paul
would let it go as she did.

“Have you seen Marigold recently?” Gilbert asked.

Paul laughed in response upon hearing that. “Be honest with me, Gilbert. What do you really want to
say? Why are you suddenly showing concern for Marigold? What are you up to?’

“You’re reading too much into it. I’m just reminding you to visit her. She didn’t seem to be doing well
when I happened to run into her the other day, ” Gilbert said, sipping his beer. He wasn’t someone who
enjoyed meddling with other people’s affairs.

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