Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1321

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Paul downed the beer in his cup and said mockingly with a sneer, “Why do you care, hmm? It’s all
because of you that she’s like this now, Gilbert. Stop pretending that you care.” Paul didn’t show
restraint in his choice of words when talking to Gilbert.

“I’m just going out of my way to remind you to check on her. After all, she’s still a Wagner. Are you
going to sit back and do nothing?’

Gilbert felt that he was being wrongfully blamed. He couldn’t quite wrap his head around how
Marigold’s current situation had anything to do with him. Even if the child was biologically his, it wasn’t
like he consented to Marigold getting pregnant with his child in the first place. In light of this, how could
he be blamed?

However, he felt that there was no point in explaining anything. “Whatever, she’s Paul’s sister. This has
nothing to do with me,” he thought with a shrug. And so, he got up and left. Since the conversation with
Paul was meaningless, there was no need to continue.

After everyone had lunch at Jenny and Alec’s marital home, one by one, they started leaving. All of
them had their matters to attend to, and life still had to go on. They would probably be unable to gather
again like today for a very longtime.

Now that Jenny had gotten married, Stephanie and Leonard, as well as Zack and Janet, were planning
their respective marriages too. Both couples had intended to tie the knot but decided to wait until
Jenny’s wedding was done first. As the dust had settled for Jenny’s wedding, they naturally didn’t want
to waste any more time and drag things out.

As their wedding celebrations came to an end, Jenny and Alec accompanied Old Mr. Faust and David
to the airport.

“Grandpa, Alec and I will come visit you soon,” Jenny said to Old Mr. Faust. Then, she looked at David
and said, “Uncle David, thank you for coming.”

Although he was the only one who came, Jenny was grateful enough for his presence. To Jenny, his
presence there was equivalent to her late adoptive grandfather, Horace, being there too. In a way,
David represented the Wilkins family. She believed that her grandfather was watching over her in

“Jenny, I’m sure you’ll live a happy life, so I won’t need to worry about you anymore. But if anyone
dares to bully you in the future, remember to tell me. I may not have much, but I’m strong.” Worse
came to worst, he could beat up Alec if he ever made Jenny suffer in any way.

Hearing that, Jenny’s eyes reddened with tears, and she nodded with a smile. “Don’t worry, Uncle
David. I’ll definitely ask for your help if someone dares to bully me.”

After saying their goodbyes to Alec and Jenny, Old Mr. Faust and David walked into the airport
together. Since they were both returning to Parrington, Jenny arranged for them to be on the same
flight to keep each other company.

Watching their retreating figures, Jenny had a somewhat ambivalent feeling; she even felt a little
melancholic. Alec pulled her into his arms, comforting her, “Hey, it’s okay. If you miss them, we can visit
them anytime. ■

“Yeah, I know.” Jenny nodded.

After their plane took off, Jenny and Alec left the airport. They would go back to work for a few days
and get their ducks in a row before leaving for their honeymoon. They’d decided on it before they got
married. Time was racing; they had to get their work affairs in order as quickly as they could.

As soon as Jenny arrived at the hospital, she received a package. She was flabbergasted upon
opening it. The package had come from overseas; it contained a diamond and a letter.

The letter read,

“Hi Jenny, I heard that you and Alec got married. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend your wedding. Well, you
wouldn’t want me there either, so I didn’t come. I don’t know if you’ve forgiven me. I don’t dare to hope
for your forgiveness, but that doesn’t matter. I won’t disturb your life in any way in the future.

I hope Alec treats you well. If he doesn’t take good care of you, I’ll come and teach him a lesson, even
if you’ll hate me for it.

Jenny, I wish you all the happiness in the world.”

By then, Jenny knew who the sender was. Looking at the contents of the letter, Jenny felt a
complicated mix of emotions.

If it hadn’t been for all the unforgivable things he’d done before, she would have been thrilled for Evan
to come and witness her happiness.

Unfortunately, there was no way to turn back time and undo all the harm that was already done.

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