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Chapter 1331

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Gilbert and Marigold (6)


Marigold knew that the name meant loyal, faithful, and whole. It was indeed a good name. She couldn’t
help but smile at the name Gilbert picked for their child. He’d probably chosen it hoping that his son
would be a pure and noble person in the future.

‘Caleb… Caleb…” Marigold looked at the baby in the cot and unknowingly beamed from ear to ear.
“From today onwards, you have a name. Your name is Caleb, and your nickname will be…” Marigold
repeated the name again and again in her head and finally came up with the nickname Cal.’ Your
nickname will be Cal,” Marigold announced.

The baby smiled.It was unclear whether it was because Marigold was making him laugh or because he
genuinely liked his name. Nonetheless, he seemed to be quite pleased.

On the same day, Jenny and the rest learned of the child’s name too.

Jenny called Marigold and asked her, “Did Gilbert choose the name himself?”

‘I guess he probably came up with the name himself. Judging from the obvious dark circles under his
eyes, he must have spent the whole night thinking about it.” A smile formed on Marigold’s lips as she
told Jenny her speculation.

Jenny couldn’t hold back and burst into laughter over the phone. “It seems like he’s not as unbothered
as he makes himself to be.”

If he didn’t care, why the hell would he go through so much trouble to come up with a name?

‘By the way, will the child carry your surname or Gilbert’s?” Jenny casually asked. She thought that
since Marigold asked Gilbert to choose the name, she’d probably already considered this as well.

However, contrary to her expectations, Marigold hadn’t made a decision yet. “I haven’t decided on it.”

Jenny fell silent. This was something she couldn’t advise on.

“What do you honestly think?” Jenny asked bluntly without beating around the bush.

“Of course, I hope my child can have Gilbert’s surname.” After all, he was Gilbert’s child. On top of that,
Marigold also felt that if the child had Gilbert’s surname, he would be closer to him. In case something
happened to her or if she could no longer be around…

Jenny, on the other hand, didn’t have a strong opinion on this. “Just follow your heart, then. The child is
yours, so let him have whoever’s surname you want. No one else has the right to interfere.”

Even if Marigold wanted the child to go by the surname Wagner, Jenny had no problem with it. It was
her choice, after all.

However, it was clear to Jenny that Marigold was reluctant to have the child bear her surname. She
might have grown up as a Wagner, but she wasn’t exactly fond of her birth family. Also, she had her
concerns-if her child had her surname, he would be taken back to the Wagner family.

‘Okay, I understand.” Jenny’s words reassured her.

Indeed, Caleb was her child. So, there was no need for her to worry so much. Having made up her
mind, Marigold decided to go and register her child’s name and take care of the Social Security
registration on that day itself.

Hearing that she intended to get so many things done in one go, Jenny felt a little worried. “Don’t you
have an appointment at the hospital today?

Come to the hospital first, get yourself examined, and then we can go together.”

‘No, won’t I be troubling you that way? I can manage this myself-“

‘It’s no trouble at all,” Jenny quickly responded, cutting her off. She really didn’t think it was
troublesome in any way.

While it was true that she had some unpleasantries with Marigold in the past, that was all in the past.
Even when it was back then, they hadn’t reached the stage of becoming sworn enemies yet.

Now, with Marigold and Gilbert making progress in their relationship, Jenny genuinely hoped they could
both secure their happiness. That way, Gilbert’s future family life would be stabilized, and she need not
worry about him going off to Mount Wallington again.

As Jenny persisted, Marigold had no choice but to agree.

After hanging up, Marigold got up and went to the hospital. She was very happy with the current state
of affairs, so she’d let go of the past animosity she felt toward Jenny long ago.

Thinking about it now, Jenny wasn’t to blame for Gilbert liking her. It was not as if she’d wanted it.
Marigold thought it was foolish of her back then to cause trouble for Jenny. Fortunately, Jenny didn’t
hold her accountable for her past actions. Otherwise, she wouldn’t know how to face her.

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