Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1335

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Gilbert and Marigold (10)

’Marigold!” Paul bellowed angrily. “Didn’t you desperately want to be the distinguished young lady of an
affluent family before? Now, you could no longer care less because of Gilbert. Is that it?”

Before Marigold met Gilbert, what she wanted the most was to gain the recognition of every single one
of the Wagners and be acknowledged as the eldest daughter of the Wagner family.

However, things were different now. After Gilbert came into her life, everything she’d feverishly chased
after in the past lost its meaning and value. Right now, Paul found this change hard to accept.

’He’s not the cause, Paul. I’ve merely changed my perspective,” Marigold said with a bitter smile. She
no longer needed affirmation from the

Wagners. Before Paul could speak, she continued, “I used to hope for the approval of the other
members of the family. I cared so much that I ended up driving myself into a corner. I tried hard to
prove myself just like you. But in the end, what did I gain?”

Aftercareful consideration, she realized she hadn’t gained anything over the years. Before her father
died, he never looked at her with a hint of recognition or fondness. After his death, things weren’t much
better, as no one else in the family acknowledged her status.

She didn’t suffer much at the hands of the other Wagners simply because Paul took control of the
family. He was her half-brother and had a pretty good relationship with her. Because of that, the other
Wagners refrained from picking on her so as not to cross Paul.

Having been at death’s door and being granted a second chance at life, status and title no longer
mattered to her-they were superficial and meaningless.

So what if the Wagner family acknowledged her? And so what if she was the young lady of the Wagner
family? Would it make her happier?

The answer was no.

Hence, she changed her perspective.

‘I don’t care about those things anymore, and I hope you can gradually let go, too,” she said. She knew
that Paul’s condition wasn’t any better than hers all these years. In fact, he had to shoulder more
responsibilities and face more pressure.

Although he seemed to be calling the shots now, Marigold knew he wasn’t truly happy. Stephanie’s
getting married to someone else played a part, but most of his misery stemmed from his inability to live
a happy life.

“Gilbert has put you under a spell!” After Paul barked that into the phone, he hung up, not intending to
continue their conversation. His mind was in utter chaos.

Marigold put away her phone and didn’t think much of it. Since she’d decided to give up her identity as
a Wagner, she could care less about the Wagner family and Paul. She just wanted to live her own life

The news of Gilbert organizing a naming ceremony for the child quickly spread. Unsurprisingly, Jenny
was delighted. She felt that everything was progressing positively, and Gilbert seemed to have grown
accustomed to Marigold and the child’s presence in his villa.

At this rate, she should receive good news soon.

The naming ceremony was scheduled for the weekend, exactly one month after the child’s birth.

On that day, Gilbert was busy making preparations for the celebration.

Although he delegated some tasks to other people, he wasn’t entirely at ease and constantly wanted to
ensure everything was prepared to the best of his ability.

’Mr. Hawthorn, should we invite the Wagner family?’ Gilbert’s assistant, Greg Moore, asked cautiously.
He knew about Marigold’s identity and was aware of the Wagner family’s current affairs. Therefore, he
didn’t want to be presumptuous and make decisions without Gilbert’s approval.

Gilbert furrowed his brow slightly, thinking about it for a moment. Then, he instructed, “Send an
invitation to Paul. As for the rest of the Wagners, I don’t see the need to invite them.”

Although Marigold was part of the Wagner family, Gilbert could tell she didn’t have much affection for
the other members. In that case, he couldn’t possibly invite them and cause her to feel troubled by their

“Understood.” Greg nodded in agreement.

After deciding whom to invite, Gilbert discussed where to hold the naming ceremony with Greg.

To be honest, it was an insignificant matter, and under normal circumstances, Gilbert wouldn’t invest so
much energy into it. But this time, his approach seemed to be contrary to his normal style of handling

Greg couldn’t help but think that the child’s arrival was actually a good thing for Gilbert. It seemed that
he had gained some enthusiasm and vigor in life.

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