Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1334

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Gilbert and Marigold (9)

‘Okay.” Marigold nodded in agreement. She knew Gilbert was right. She would have many other
chances to personally organize such events for her child in the future. But if she were to succumb to
illness, she wouldn’t be able to witness their child’s growth.

Seeing that she no longer insisted, Gilbert felt relieved and got up. Then, he walked toward the kitchen.
“Do you want some pasta?”

Marigold was rendered speechless, not quite comprehending his sudden unrelated question.

A little over ten minutes later, Marigold looked at the plate of pasta in front of her, lost in thought.

’Do you skip dinner every day?” She couldn’t help but ask. If Gilbert had indeed waited until this late to
eat on a daily basis, it was very unhealthy for his body.

Gilbert continued eating his pasta without noticing the flicker of concern in Marigold’s eyes. “I’m way
too busy with work at the company.*

If Marigold hadn’t said she was hungry the previous night, he wouldn’t have eaten dinner at all. As for
tonight…Perhaps it was because he was reminded of last night that he proactively asked about dinner.

’You can’t neglect your meals just because you’re busy. Your body won’t hold up if you don’t take care
of yourself,” Marigold nagged, sounding displeased. “You’re not a bachelor anymore; you need to take
care of your health.’

‘Hmm?” Gilbert paused in action, not quite understanding the meaning behind Marigold’s words.

With her ears turned slightly red, Marigold hastily averted her gaze. *What I mean is, now that you’re a
father, you should consider your child even if you don’t care about your own wellbeing.”

‘Oh, I see.” With that, Gilbert casually brushed off her concern earlier.

Upon hearing his response, Marigold knew he hadn’t really taken her words to heart. She felt helpless
but also realized she had no right to dictate what he should do. There was a tinge of bitterness in her
heart as she thought of that.

Sometimes, having the right to care for a loved one was a privilege.

After chowing down their pasta, they each returned to their rooms. Gilbert took a shower and lay on the
bed, constantly thinking of the child’s name.

Caleb Hawthorn…

Did this mean that he had actual family from henceforth? Another living family member who shared a
blood connection with him and had his last name.

Gilbert couldn’t quite describe his feelings at the moment. It was a mix of emotions, but for the most
part, he felt glad that he wasn’t alone anymore. It was a marvelous feeling.

In the next room, Marigold lay in bed but had difficulty falling asleep. As soon as she returned to her
room, she received a phone call from Paul.

“Paul,” Marigold greeted as she answered the call.

‘How long do you plan to stay at Gilbert’s place? What exactly is your relationship with him? Aren’t you
afraid of people mocking you for living with another man without a proper status?* Paul didn’t mince his
words. He’d never been fond of Gilbert.

Before this, Gilbert had refused outrightly to take any responsibility for Marigold no matter what. Now,
he was willing to let her stay at his villa. Paul genuinely had no idea what Gilbert was thinking, so as a
result, he had a very poor impression of him.

Marigold could tell Paul wasn’t happy about her situation, but she insisted,’ I’m fine here. You don’t
have to worry.”

‘Fine? How are you fine? Who are you to him? Has he given you a legitimate status to stay with him?”
Paul was furious.

‘I’m not concerned about those things,” Marigold replied.

Paul was on the verge of bursting an artery at this point. “You’re devaluing yourself!”

The Wagner family had become one of the Ten Elites of Bardoff City. As a daughter of the Wagners,
Marigold deserved a man way more superior than Gilbert. But what did she do? Not only did she show
no intention of distancing herself from Gilbert, but she even chose to live with him without any official
status or recognition.

’Paul, I’m just an ordinary person. I’m not part of the high society,” Marigold said. No matter how well
the Wagner family developed, it had nothing to do with her. She’d never revealed that she was
connected to the Wagner family to anyone else.

“You’re the eldest daughter of the Wagner family-’

*The Wagner family has many daughters. Someone would gladly fill that spot in my place,* she said
with a hint of mockery.

Her father might not be good at many things, but he was extremely good at producing children. As a
result, numerous descendants fought for control within the family. If it weren’t for Paul’s exceptional
abilities, who knew what the Wagner family would be like today?

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