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Chapter 1397 Gilbert and Marigold (72)

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After the engagement party, Gilbert officially had a stronghold in Bradshaw operations. Because he
was already very capable, he had a lot of supporters. No one challenged him in the company. Most of
them sucked up to him because they knew that if things went well, he would be the heir of the

Gilbert didn’t really care about that. He didn’t even want to be there for long.

He knocked on Esther’s door and walked into her office.

“Come, sit.” Esther was all smiles when she saw him. It was more sincere than before.

She used to doubt him a lot, but now, although she still had her reservations, she mostly believed in
him. In her eyes, no one would reject the chance to inherit Bradshaw Operations. This was basically
manna from Heaven. Gilbert just didn’t know it back then, and now he did.

Gilbert sat down in front of Esther and began reporting the information he had gathered, as well as his
thoughts on Bradshaw Operations and his plans for the future.

When he presented the information to her, she knew she had found the right person. From all angles,
Gilbert was the best candidate for the company’s successor.

She looked at the plans and the information he had compiled and nodded in satisfaction. “Very good. I
know of your abilities. There is no rush. When Bradshaw Operations is in your hands, there will be
even more chances to develop.”

Gilbert nodded. “Yes.”

After a moment’s silence, Gilbert handed her a proposal. “This is a project that the Fausts will be
working on. If we can become shareholders, we can build rapport with the Fausts. It’ll also benefit our

Esther looked through the proposal placidly. Gilbert had created the proposal very well, and when she
saw the contents, she had the urge to nod.

However, she did not.

“I know of this project. It earns a lot. In this case, they have no reason to release the shares,” she said.

Gilbert didn’t take it seriously and said lightly, “He married my sister. Some things have to be done,
even if he likes it or not.”

“Oh? Are you so sure that Jenny will take your side? I hear that you two have argued.” Esther looked at
him with a smile in her eyes. No one knew what she was thinking.

Gilbert looked at her, not intending to dodge the topic. “So many years of companionship cannot be
broken because of one fight. If she was willing to come to my engagement party yesterday, it means
she is no longer angry.”

“Are you really sure that you can convince Alec Faust?” Esther grew serious. If their deal with the
Fausts could succeed, the money would only be a plus. The most important thing would be having a
strong ally on their side. The Bradshaws would benefit a lot from it.

Gilbert was silent for a moment. “Maybe not completely, but enough. As long as Jenny is willing to take
my side, there will be no issues.”

Esther thought so, too. Alec was known for doting on his wife. As long as Jenny said the word, he
would agree to it.

Esther suddenly thought even more of Gilbert. He knew how to let go of things. Although he had fought
with Jenny, he knew what to do with profit came into play.

“Very well. You may proceed. This will be considered the first project that you do with the Bradshaws.
Make it pretty. Don’t give anyone a chance to criticize it.” She truly wanted Gilbert to achieve positive
results. This project with the Fausts was important.

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Read To Be Yours Again By Taylor Chapter 1397 Gilbert and Marigold (72)

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