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Chapter 1142

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As for the collection in the storage room, it is even more eye-opening.

  Needless to say, the number is as large as thousands. Moreover, most of them are carefully
collected by Li Fuhua. Many of them are orphans in major news reports.

  Just take one out, and the value is at least 50 million or 60 million. There are more than 100 million
yuan and even more than one billion products.

  Moreover, after looking at it, Chen Fei found that Li Fuhua seemed to like the Chinese collection
very much, and 70% of the storage room was Chinese antiques or collections.

  Because the wolf hunter himself did not know what the antique that was originally dug out.
Therefore, Chen Fei and Li Xiaoxiao can only look for them in the storage room at this time.

  Because it was dug from Su Guo, then consider the preferences of the old man. Therefore, Chen
Fei and Li Xiaoxiao focused on the Chinese-style antiques and found them in the storage room.

  It's just that there are too many Chinese-style antiques in it. Chen Fei and Li Xiaoxiao have read a
lot, and they feel that it may or may not be at all.

  In this way, the two were busy for a while, still unsure. Finally, the old man of the Li family came
over and asked about it, to find out what the antique was.

  But the old people couldn't explain why. They didn't know about the antiques of Shu Guo. I can
only name some antiques that my grandfather particularly loves for reference by Chen Fei and Li

  Despite this information, Chen Fei and Li Xiaoxiao were still not sure what the antique was.

  In this way, the time passes by one minute and one second, and it seems that it is already

  Li Xiaoxiao personally came to the storage room and said to Chen Fei: "Mr. Chen, it's not too early.
I have prepared dinner for you. If it's not the case today, keep looking for it tomorrow."

  Chen Fei nodded, put down the antiques in his hand, walked out of the storage room, and then
locked the storage room. Then came to the restaurant and ate dinner with Li Xiaoxiao.

  After dinner, Li Xiaoxiao was preparing to arrange a vehicle to send Chen Fei home.

  However, Chen Fei looked at the outside has dimmed the sky, wiped his mouth, the channel: "!
The hour is late, today I was in this bar one night"

  ! "Ah"

  Chen Fei raised an eyebrow and said, "Why, don't you welcome me?"

  "No, no." Li Xiaoxiao quickly shook his head. "Of course, I welcome Mr. Chen. I will arrange for the
next person to prepare the bedroom. I went in person. "

  Chen Fei nodded.

  Li Xiaoxiao immediately turned to prepare the bedroom.

  As she prepared, she began to think crankily.

  Why did Mr. Chen suddenly request to stay with me? Does he have any other meaning?

  Moreover, Mr. Chen was very concerned about the assassination of me. Not only helped to catch
the wolfhound, but also very concerned about antiques, helped me all the way to the present.

  Is it Mr. Chen that he?

  Thinking of certain things, Li Xiaoxiao's cheeks were a little ruddy, and his mind flew up

  However, she shook her head fiercely and said to herself: "This is impossible. The identity of me
and Mr. Chen is too different. Moreover, Mr. Chen

seems to be married. Beautiful, they— "

  Chen Fei did not know Li Xiaoxiao's cranky thought, but looked at the villa at night, his eyes
flickered softly, and whispered to himself, "Will you come tonight?"

  Then, Chen Fei and Li Xiaoxiao chatted a few words, and then after washing, went to the bedroom
to rest.

  In the middle of the night, the lights of the entire villa were turned off and there was silence, and
almost everyone fell asleep.

  In this quiet atmosphere, a black shadow quietly touched the periphery of Li's villa. He easily
flipped through the courtyard wall more than three meters high, bypassed the alarm device above, and
fell into the villa.

  With the cover of trees and flower beds in the villa, the black shadow flashed and kept coming

  Soon, the shadow came to the house. He opened a small window on the side of the villa, and the
figure eased into the villa.

  After entering the villa system, the black shadow moves more lightly, like a black cat, walking on
the ground without a sound, and the whole person shuttles silently in the villa.

  Soon, the shadow came to Li Fuhua's storage room. He looked around and determined that there
was no one, then he found a small and complicated device, which was snapped onto the security code
door of the storage room, and then quickly operated.

  But for more than ten seconds, the instrument made a slight click and the anti-theft door opened.
Black Shadow put away the device and pushed in.

  Entering the storage room, Black Shadow found a small lighting device and quickly found it in the
storage room.

  He was fast, light, and flew across rows of antique treasures quickly. For these valuable treasures,
there is no superfluous idea at all, but intently looking for their own goals.

  Finally, about ten minutes later, he found a quaint wooden box in a corner.

  He opened the wooden box and checked the movements inside. The corners of his mouth raised
slightly, and then he took out a black cloth bag, put the wooden box into it, and prepared to leave.

  But just as he was about to turn around and leave, there was a sudden click in the dark storage
room, and the lights were bright.

  The intense light shone on the shadow on the face, instantly making him a little blind and unable to
see the scene in front of him. But instinct still made him flash, tumbling on the ground, hiding behind a
wooden frame.

  At this time, the door of the storage room was opened, and Chen Fei, Li Xiaoxiao, and everyone
from the Li family came in from the outside.

  Chen Fei raised his mouth slightly, smiled lightly, and said, "Is it really coming?"

  Then, he looked at the dark shadow hiding in the corner, beckoned, and said: "No need to hide, we
all found you Let me see, what kind of antique are you looking for? "

  At this time, the old man of the Li family scanned the storage room, and quickly identified the
missing item. He said," The bronze dagger is missing. "

  "A dagger, is that thing! "Chen Fei towards the vacant position of eyes looked in the past, then with
a puzzled tone of the channel," pieces of parity dagger looks ordinary, nothing special. I did not expect,
It ’s what you’re looking for! ”

  At this time, Li Xiaoxiao said sharply:“ Put down the thing, then come out and surrender, otherwise
do n’t blame us. You ’

  re welcome. ”During the talk, behind Li Xiaoxiao, the security guard whistled, A look that is ready
to fight at any time.

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