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Chapter 1151

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Hearing his brother's words, Lin Lu pouted and pouted, but in the end he didn't dare to say much. After
all, she had already seen Chen Fei's strength in the parking lot just now, which is definitely not
something she can resist.

  Seeing this, Chen Fei got up and said, "Since it's okay, then I'm leaving. Please come back."

  After that, Chen Fei got up and walked out.

  Behind him, Lin Hu and Lin Lu's faces were stunned, and some did not expect Chen Fei to be so

  Lin Hu looked at Chen Fei who had walked out of the store and suddenly thought of something. He
said, "Mr. Chen, there is one thing, I want to remind you—"

  However, Lin Lu stopped him before he had finished speaking. After he came down, he said
angrily: "Brother, don't tell him. We kindly inform him, he will treat us like this. Let's not remind him,

  Lin Hu originally wanted to say something, but at this time Chen Fei Already gone, Lin Hu wanted
to remind that there was no chance.

  He could only sigh and whispered to himself: "I hope Mr. Chen can be more careful. After all, many
people will be interested in him after reaching the top of the martial arts Qianlong list. I am afraid that it
will be a bit troublesome."

  "Huh, didn't he say he was powerful? If he's in trouble, he will take care of it himself." Lin Lu said

  Lin Hu sighed and said, "Since that is the case, our affairs are also completed. Be ready to go
back!" Upon

  hearing this, Lin Lu immediately pouted, "Brother, we have just arrived in Xiangjiang, so go back
so quickly Ah! "

  " We're all done, Master's side— "Lin Hu wanted to say something.

  But Lin Lu put on a little girl's coquettish look at the moment, took Lin Hu's arm and shook it,
begging: "Senior brother, people come out easily. And still come to Xiangjiang, you can't take me to
play Play! "

  " Disneyland here, Victoria Harbour, and many other places, I want to see it. You take me there! "

  Lin Hu suddenly had no choice but to face the coquettish sister, only Can nod and say: "Okay,
okay, then we will stay for two more days, play in Xiangjiang for a while and then go back."

  "Brother is the best, I like Brother the most." The little girl hugged Lin Hu's arm, excited Coquettish.


  Chen Fei, after leaving the cafe, immediately returned to the hotel.

  Lin Qiuhan saw him coming back, and immediately came over and got up and asked, "You are
back? The two of you just now, are you okay?"

  Chen Fei looked at the anxious color flashed on his wife's face. Warm, smiled and said: "Wife,
don't worry, I'm okay. Those two people, there is nothing malicious, just come to send me a message."

  Immediately, Chen Fei briefly explained to his wife thing. Although Lin Qiuhan didn't understand
anything, but after understanding that Chen Fei was fine, he felt relieved.

  The next day, after the annual meeting, the company's employees have begun to take vacations.
In particular, some employees transferred from Longjiang City have been busy here for several months.
Now that the New Year is approaching, it is time to go back and reunite with their families.

  The remaining things were arranged, and Lin Qiuhan and Chen Fei also arranged for the return to
Longjiang City.

  As a result, at this moment, the little girl Su Momo found Chen Fei, a pleading look, and said:
"Brother-in-law, there is something

, I would like to ask you to do me a favor?"

  "What's the matter, Momo, just open your mouth." Chen Fei said.

  Su Momo grabbed the corner of the clothes, hesitated and paused for a moment before he said:
"Brother-in-law, this is the case. I want you to go back to Nan'an with me for the New Year."

  "Ah, this, but--" At first, Chen Fei was a little stunned. She didn't expect her to make such a
request. After all, his wife was next door!

  Su Momo looked at Chen Fei's embarrassed appearance and quickly said: "Brother-in-law, I don't
mean that. Actually, when our Su family was in their childhood, they would hold an annual meeting."

  "That, my family asked me and Yao Yao Hai ’s engagement. You know the brother-in-law. Waiting
for the annual meeting, Yao ’s family may come to the house to raise relatives. I do n’t want to agree,
so I want my husband to go back with me. ”

  “ After all, when I was in Longan In front of my aunt, your brother-in-law pretended to be my
boyfriend, so this time, I thought— "Su Momo looked at Chen Fei with a pleading look.

  Chen Fei was very embarrassed. He usually pretended to be Momo's boyfriend, but it was no big
deal. But this is going to go home with her, and still during the Chinese New Year, "This, me, your

  side-- " Mo Mo saw this and quickly said: "Brother, as long as you agree. My sister's side Let me
talk to her. "

  " But, it's still not so good! "Chen Fei still felt a little embarrassed.

  Su Momo heard the words and immediately pouted his mouth, angrily said: "Brother-in-law, you
have promised me before, to help me do a few things. As a result, the first one now, you will not honor
your promise. Then, I will show those pictures to my sister. "

  Chen Fei heard that he was suddenly big and nodded." Well, I can agree. But first of all, you need
your sister's consent. "

  Su Momo said, With a smile, he nodded and said, "That's all right, brother-in-law, you agreed. I'll
talk to my sister now."

  After talking, Su Momo got into Lin Qiuhan's room. The two sisters didn't know what to talk about.
After about ten minutes, the two came out.

  Su Momo said with a little excitement: "Brother-in-law, my sister agreed, you remember to return to
Nan'an with me!"

  "This-" Chen Fei looked at Lin Qiuhan with some surprise.

  At the moment, Lin Qiuhan looked indifferent, looked at Chen Fei, and calmly said, "I know the
thing about Momo. You are also helping her, I can understand it. During the New Year, you will go
home with Momo Come on. I went back to Longjiang City with Wei Ling. "

  Although Lin Qiuhan said this, his tone was plain, and even a slight smile appeared on the corner
of his mouth.

  But listening to Chen Fei's ears, yet another strange smell made Chen Fei feel alienated from Lin

  Suddenly, Chen Fei was a little lost in his heart. He nodded, looked at Lin Qiuhan, and said: "When
the Momo matter is resolved, I will rush back to Longjiang immediately. Strive to celebrate New Year
with you before the New Year's Eve 30 "

  " Hmm! "Lin Qiuhan's expression was still indifferent, and he responded softly without saying

  "By the way, it's not early, and you have a good rest. You will pack up and set off tomorrow." Lin
Qiuhan finished, and then turned back to his room.

  Chen Fei looked at Lin Qiuhan's back and felt an unspeakable taste. He seemed to feel something
strange from his wife, but he couldn't tell what it was.

  Without clues, Chen Fei could only sigh and went to rest.

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