Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1156

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Chi Ling saw Chen Fei confronting his dagger with a fleshy palm, and he could not help showing a grin,
and said: "Looking for dead things, you are looking for your own way, haha--"

  But, Chi Ling's laughter is in Chen Fei's palm stopped suddenly when he caught the dagger.

  The smile on Chi Ling's face instantly changed and changed into an incredible consternation, then
the consternation turned into pain, and finally turned into a scream of screams, Chi Ling was shot and
flew out .

  It turned out that Chen Fei's palm, after confrontation, even slapped Chi Ling's dagger and his arm,
all of which were broken.

  At the moment Chi Ling, his right arm was twisted like a twist and completely deformed.

  Chi Ling fell to the ground because of the pain, his face was red and his forehead was covered
with sweat, dripping.

  Chen Fei glanced at Chi Ling lightly and said coldly: "It's just a lesson to cut off your hand. If there
is another time, it's not that simple."

  After that, Chen Fei turned around and pulled Su Mo Mo, turned and left.

  Behind him, until the backs of Chen Fei and Su Momo disappeared, the shocked crowd suddenly
recovered and burst into a burst of fierce discussion.

  "I depend, did you see it just now? That kid, it's too fierce."

  "Isn't it, Chi Ling's right arm was scrapped with a palm, this strength is too great!"

  "Chi Ling is mysterious !" the early stage martial arts master, the young man's strength, at least in
the mid-Hyun level it. " "

  I do not stop! " "

  he in the end is who, how suddenly appeared in our Nan'an ah? "


  Hearing these arguments, Chi Ling lying on the ground, her cheeks twisted by pain, now looked
even more ugly.

  Calling my follower to help myself up, Chi Ling looked at Chen Fei's direction of leaving and gritted
his teeth: "I remember you. I dare to move me, and Chi Ling will never let you go. "

  " Let me check and find out immediately, the kid's identity. I must ask him to pay the price. "Chi
Ling said cruelly.

  The follower nodded and said yes, immediately went to the crowd and asked about the situation.

  Soon, he collected the information and came back. The people present hardly knew Chen Fei and
did not know who he was. But Su Momo, who was with Chen Fei, was recognized by some people.

  After all, Su Momo is the old lady of the Su family. Although she went to the field because of
studying, she still has a certain reputation in Nan'an.

  After Chi Ling heard these news, he gritted his teeth and said: "Miss Su Family? Contact the
college immediately, I would like to see, when did the Su family dare to do the right thing with our
Donglu College." The

  classmate said yes and nodded. .

  Chi Ling thought of something again and commanded: "There is also the painting and calligraphy,
and you must get it. The painting and calligraphy are authentic. The dean likes these antique
calligraphy and paintings best. Therefore, the calligraphy and paintings cannot fall into the hands of
others. Understand? ? " "

  understand! "shouted attendant nodded yes, then move up.

  Chi Ling, who was injured, was also supported and left.

  The onlookers, after hearing Chi Ling's words, could not help but discuss again.

  "That girl is Miss Su Jia, and Chi Ling here is from Donglu College. The two are in line, and there
should be a good show this time!"

  "The Su family is our wealthy family in Nan'an City. It has a long history, deep heritage, and should
not be underestimated. Donglu Academy is rising strongly, and the dean is above the Qianlong list. The
famous masters on the list have a strong development momentum and are difficult to predict. Estimate!

  " Now , we in Nan'an City, I'm afraid there will be some ups and downs. "


  " Yeah, did you hear that just now. Chi Ling said, the painting is true. "

  " Zheng Xie Zheng Banqiao's Calligraphy and painting, if authentic, the price is at least 100 million.
That kid spent 20 million, and made a big profit this time. "

  " Hundred million? That is just the most common Zheng Banqiao calligraphy and painting. The
degree of completeness and the degree of rarity are very rare. If it is an auction, I estimate that it is
worth at least 500 million yuan. "

  " 500 million, this, that kid, is really lucky. I didn't make up my mind at that time. Photographed! "


  Many people angrily sighed and regretted patting the thigh. After all, as long as the picture is
taken, it is almost guaranteed to make a fortune.

  Faced with such an interest, everyone regrets the annoyance is also a matter of reason.

  Looking at the annoyed crowd, someone sneered and said, "I think you are all stunned by your
interests. Didn't you hear Chi Ling's words just now? Chi Ling fancyd the painting. You think, no matter
how much the painting is worth, can the kid get it? "

  Hearing this, the annoyed people suddenly awakened, and their faces suddenly became
enlightened. The originally annoyed look turned into happiness and fear.

  On the other side, Chen Fei and Su Momo, who had left Wuliu Street, took a car to Su's house.

  In the car, Su Momo thought about the matter just now, and was still a little worried, "Brother-in-
law, Donglu Academy behind Chiling, has risen quickly in our city of Nan'an. Even our Su family has
been a little worried about them recently. This time, you abolished Chi Ling's arm, I am

  afraid— " Chen Fei gently patted Su Momo's head and said:" Relax, whether it is Chi Ling or
Donglu Academy, Your brother-in-law is not afraid. "

  Su Momo looked at Chen Fei's self-confidence, suddenly letting go of his heart, showing a smile,
and diverted the topic," Brother-in-law, Chi Ling wanted to fight for this painting, doesn't that mean ,
This picture is real. "

  " Of course it is true? Do you think I am a fool, go to buy a fake calligraphy and painting. "Chen Fei

  Su Momo asked suspiciously: "Brother-in-law, don't you say you don't understand antique
calligraphy and painting? How do you judge whether the calligraphy is true or false?"

  Chen Fei smiled and said, "Actually, say It ’s very simple. I do n’t know the knowledge of antiques,
nor the characteristics of Zheng Banqiao ’s paintings and calligraphy. But I am a warrior, and I can tell
the length of the breath. The breath contained in this calligraphy is obviously not recent, but very long.
That kind of thing. I ’m sure that this painting is an antique, then it can be determined to be true. ”

  “ It turns out that way! ”Su Momo said in surprise, and his eyes lit up. The little wealthy fan looked
at Chen Fei, "Brother-in-law, if the calligraphy and painting are true? That calligraphy and painting can
be valuable, at least worth about

  120 million or so!" "It should be almost the same."

  Su Momo suddenly covered his heart and said, "Brother-in-law, you spend 25 million to buy this, I
think it is too expensive. Now, the direct value has doubled ten times. Then take this painting Is n’t the
gift too expensive? Or else , Brother-in-law, let's pick up a gift for my grandpa again. "

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