Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1199

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 "But, Dad, there is no chance to wait, Master Chen he—" Su Yunshan said anxiously.

  Before he finished, the old man slapped on the armrest and shouted: "Don't bite a master Chen
master. Although Chen Fei is powerful, it is not invincible. Our Su family does not have to rely on him.
As for There was a better future

  for Momo . " " Dad, what did you arrange for Momo, wouldn't it be a wedding again? "Su Yunhai
said nervously.

  Su Hongqi glared at him and said, "Don't ask too much, when the time comes, you will naturally

  "But, Momo her--" Su Yunhai said with dissatisfaction.

  Su Hongqi waved his hand coldly, and began to rush out. "It's needless to say, I've settled
everything down. You go out and get busy!"

  Su, then, Su's eager and doubtful three children rushed out of the room. I touched my mobile
phone and made a phone call, with a smile on my face, and respectfully greeted: "Mr. Yang, the last
thing I told you, I don't know   you-- "


Here, the sentiment of the public is increasing, which makes Chen Fei a little surprised.

  While Chen Fei was busy receiving the treasure makers, Su Shan suddenly came to Chen Fei in a
hurry and said, "Master Chen, someone urgently

  asks for advice." "Who wants to see me? What's going on?" Chen Fei asked .

  Xu Shan quickly said: "Master Chen, it is like this. Outside, someone came to offer treasure and
said that he has the You Bingquan you need."

  "What, You Bingquan!" Chen Fei was shocked and immediately brought him Xise said, "Really?
Which big family's treasure? Let him in!"

  Xu Shandao: "The person who donated the treasure is not a person from our big family in Nan'an,
but a strange ordinary person."

  "Ordinary person!" Chen Fei frowned, slightly surprised, but still beckoned, " Or call in and say
again! "

  " Yes! "Xu Shan said quickly, and then went out to greet the people who offered treasure.

  Soon, a middle-aged man in his forties, walked in behind Xu Shan.

  The man in a gray robe, his head slightly raised, smiling. Seeing Chen Fei, his expression also
seemed quite confident, without the flattery and awe of the previous treasure makers.

  Moreover, the momentum he exudes also shows that he is a warrior, and his strength is almost in
the middle of the Xuan level.

  While Chen Fei looked at the man, the other party was looking at him.

  Before Chen Fei opened his mouth, the other party took the lead and said: "Are you Master

  Xu Shan saw this, his expression wrinkled, and he said unpleasantly: "Mr. Zhao, in front of Master
Chen, you should be respectful. "

  This Mr. Zhao glanced at Xu Shan, sneered, and disdained:" You are a servant of Master Chen, I
am not. "

  " You-- "Xu Shan's face fell, and he would get angry.

  Not to mention, Chen Fei gave him a wink and let Xu Shan retreat.

  Then, Chen Fei looked at the middle-aged man and said, "I am Master Chen. This Mr. Zhao, you
said you have You Bingquan on hand and want to exchange things with me?"

  Mr. Zhao did not respond to Chen Fei If it does, it says instead: "If you exchange it or not, it
depends on Master Chen. You ca n’t afford what I want."

  This arrogant attitude made Xu Shan on the side angry again. Chen Fei's face was a little low.

  However, Chen Fei did not say much, just continued to ask: "So, I want to ask Mr. Zhao, what do
you want?"

  Mr. Zhao glanced at Chen Fei, paused for a few seconds, and then proudly said: "I think What I
want is a heaven-level martial art. "

  " Heaven-level martial art! "Hearing this, Xu Shan and others on the side immediately exclaimed.

  After all, so many treasures have been exchanged before. Chen Fei only took out prefecture-level
martial arts. Now, as soon as Mr. Zhao speaks, he will need heaven-level martial arts. It is really some
lions who speak big.

  Chen Fei also frowned lightly and immediately said, "Tian-level martial arts, I have it. But do you
have the quiet ice spring I want?"

  Mr. Zhao said proudly and confidently: " Since I came here, You Bingquan naturally has it. "

  Chen Feidao said:" Since that, then you take out You Bingquan, and I will give you heaven-level
martial arts. "During the

  speech, Chen Fei figured out a martial art. , Directly in front of myself.

  Upon seeing this, Mr. Zhao's eyes lit up, a look of surprise and excitement flashed out, and then
said: "You Bingquan, I don't have any body."

  "You-this is looking for death!" Xu Shan, angry at the moment, rushed out, staring at this Mr. Zhao
fiercely, and said, "Zhao Lingdong, you dare to deceive Master Chen, I--"

  Even Chen Fei, his expression fell Come down, it looks a bit angry.

  But Zhao Lingdong, with a look of unhurried looks, said proudly: "I said that I don't have any body,
but that doesn't mean I don't have You Bingquan."

  "It's just that there is a place for my You Bing Quan. Master Chen needs to be taken with me."
Zhao Lingdong looked at Chen Fei.

  Xu Shan was gloomy, and he glared fiercely at Zhao Lingdong, and then said to Chen Fei: "Master
Chen, this guy deliberately made trouble, don't care about him."

  Zhao Lingdong laughed: "Master Chen and I walked, and naturally knew Am I

  messing up? " Looking at Chen Fei with a hesitant look, Zhao Lingdong said:" Don't you say that
Master Tang Chen is afraid, and he dare not even take a trip with me. "

  " You-- "Xu Shan almost It's time to get people started.

  But at this time, Chen Fei narrowed his eyes for a few seconds, then raised his hand to stop Xu
Shan, looked at Zhao Lingdong, and said: "I still have time. It is not a big deal to go with Mr. Zhao."

  "Master Chen , This— "Xu Shan looked angrily and worriedly at Zhao Lingdong.

  Chen Fei Xu Shan to cast a reassuring look, and then look to the Zhaoling Dong, Chen Sheng
said:. "I do not mind a trip, but if someone Ganpian me, I think he will be aware of their consequences,"

  Zhao Lingdong surface Regarding Chen Fei's warning words, without changing his face, he
proudly said: "Master Chen doesn't have to doubt, just follow me, and everything will be clear."

  Chen Fei got up and said loudly, "Let's go now!"

  "Good!" Zhao Lingdong nodded with a smile, and took the lead out of the hall.

  Then, Chen Fei and Zhao Lingdong drove out of downtown Nan'an.

  Because of Zhao Lingdong's request, Chen Fei did not let others follow him. Only two people went

  In the car, Chen Fei looked at Zhao Lingdong and said, "Mr. Zhao is also a martial artist. I don't
know how you got this Youbing Spring?"

  Zhao Lingdong glanced at Chen Fei without answering the question, but said aloud: "This involves
my secret, I am afraid it cannot be revealed, Master Chen forgive me."

  Chen Fei said, nodded, and did not continue to question.

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