Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1205

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Lailan's value is very good. K Jie Chuangxian has a certain string and it is so vast that it's so beautiful.

  Su Zhihe was so touted that he suddenly raised Su Wei's image a little higher, and let the old man
nod again, complimenting: "Yes, Weier is bothered."

  "I'll ask someone to invite the master of the country immediately!" "Su Wei hit the iron while hot
and smiled."

  Su Yunlan and others couldn't help looking dull at the moment, and their expressions weren't
pretty. After all, this kind of thing was topped by a child like Su Wei, and won the favor of the old man.
Their status will naturally decline.

  Su Zhihe and Su Wei, naturally, were extremely proud and smiled, sweeping away the
discouragement and embarrassment that Chen Fei had just hit.

  With pride, Su Wei's eyes could not help but fell on Chen Fei, his eyes rolled, and he wanted to
recover the face he had just lost, so he said, "Since Mr. Chen is Momo's boyfriend, that's half Su.
Family. If Mr. Chen wants to learn martial arts, he can also follow this martial arts master. "

  Chen Fei said lightly:" No need. "

  Su Wei narrowed his eyes and said:" Mr. Chen, young people still learn some martial arts self-
defense For the better, I also learned a few hands with this master. Think about it, even if a person has
money, but if there is no self-protection ability, it is just a broiler that is targeted by people and can only
be slaughtered by others. That ’s it. ”

  Chen Fei naturally heard the sarcasm and badness of Su Wei ’s words. He was not annoyed. He
just glanced at Su Wei and casually said:“ If you learn the self-protection ability, it ’s yesterday in the
shopping mall. The two words used. The so-called martial arts master, I do n’t think so. ”When

  referring to the shopping mall yesterday, Su Wei ’s face immediately sank, his expression looked
very cold, staring at Chen Fei, Gritted his teeth: "I returned yesterday work hard."

  Su Zhihe also said with a deep voice to help his son: "Mr. Chen, you are very successful in
business. But in martial arts, you are still a layman, but you can't talk nonsense. The master invited by
Weier this time is very impressive in Su Guo. There is a famous existence. If you heard this, he would
be in trouble if he heard it. "

  Chen Fei didn't take it seriously and waved his hand." I hear it and it's no big deal. I'm not worried
about martial art masters-- "

  You--" Su Zhihe looked dull and said unpleasantly, "I don't know what to do!"

  Su Wei was even more angry, staring fiercely at Chen Fei, gritting his teeth and saying: "When the
master of martial arts arrives, you will know How bad I was wrong. "

  Seeing that the atmosphere was tense, Su Yunshan quickly explained:" Zhihe, Su Wei, don't say it.
Actually, you misunderstood. Master Chen is also a martial artist himself. , Also quite experienced. "

  Wen Yan, the two were shocked, looking a little surprised.

  However, he frowned immediately, his expression unpleasant and unbelieving.

  What displeased them was that Su Yunshan helped the outsider to speak, not his own family.
Unbelief is what Su Yunshan said, Chen Fei has quite a lot of experience in martial arts.

  So, Su Zhihe sneered, disdainful: "There is no quick way along the way of martial arts. If you want
to have some experience, at least ten years of hardening. Mr. Chen's martial arts experience, I don't
know how long it has been sharpened?"

  Su Wei Immediately, he sarcastically said: "Some people don't think they will be three punches and
two feet, so it is called experience! In front of the martial arts master I invited, I am afraid that even the
fur of the martial arts has not touched To. "

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