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Chapter 1233

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Chen Fei heard that, with a cold face, he glanced at the people in Wushuanglou, and then said, "Is it up
to you?" As

  soon as the words came out, all the disciples in Wushuanglou burst into anger and shouted.

  "Bold fanatics, do you know who we are? Dare to talk to us this way."

  "Something is wrong , this is

  looking for death!" "Master, let us go and kill this guy directly."

  "Yes, one It ’s so arrogant in front of us that it ’s so arrogant. It ’s ridiculous. ”


  Facing the shouting of these Wushuanglou disciples, Chen Fei did not pay any attention to him,
but glanced at him with disdain. Voice said: "Want to do it? Then don't waste time, let's go together!"

  Then, Chen Fei waved to them, disdainful, and did not put these Wushuanglou disciples in his

  These disciples of Wushuanglou, where is usually not the arrogant of heaven, and when has this
kind of disregard, suddenly a group of angry feelings, glaring at each other, raising his arms, it is time
to start.

  "Look for the dead things, let's go!"

  "Kill him, something I don't know what to do."

  "No need to trouble, I just slaughtered him one by one!"


  Just when these disciples were angry, they never spoke. Master Li Yueshan, at the moment,
raised his right hand and stopped the actions of his disciples. "Don't be impulsive, you are not his

  Wen Yan said, all the disciples were surprised and puzzled.

  "Master, he is a disciple, but we are disciples in the door of Wushuang Building."

  "Master, you value him too much."


  Li Yueshan glanced at his disciple and said in a deep voice: "Can beat Li in one palm Cold people,
do you really think that the strength is very bad? Who among you can do this. "

  Wen Yan, the disciples were silent and suddenly speechless.

  Li Han is a disciple of Li Yueshan, and also a nephew of Li Yueshan. He is regarded as one of the
most concerned among the disciples, and his strength is also in the forefront of the ranks. Not far away.

  Li Han of this state, defeated by Chen Fei, is definitely not something that ordinary strength
warriors can do.

  Thinking of this, many disciples suddenly changed their faces, with expressions on their faces that
were surprised but unbelievable.

  But at this time, Li Yueshan continued: "If I'm not mistaken, did you set up the magic circle in the
cave in Nan'an City?"

  Mentioning this, Chen Fei thought of the Youbing Spring Cave, and he himself Before leaving, the
magic circle could not help but laugh. "It seems that you have already realized the power of that magic

  Mentioning this, the faces of the disciples changed a lot, and their expressions became heavier.

  After they and Shen Yichi came out, the first stop was Nan'an. At that time, I learned that Chen Fei
had left, so I went to the cave and wanted to see if You Bingquan still exists.

  As a result, when they entered the cave and found that Youbing Spring was not destroyed, it still
existed. The group was overjoyed and ready to take possession. But when he was ready to act, he
realized that a magic circle was arranged inside, blocking their progress and preventing them from

  Some people forcibly broke through, and tried to crack it, and it took a lot of effort, but in the end,
they still did not crack the magic circle. Even worse

point is the array of French defense to attack wounded.

  If it were n’t for Li Yueshan ’s presence at the time, at least half of these disciples would have to
pay attention.

  Now when it comes to the faction, these people naturally have lingering fears and their faces have

  Li Shan is also a slight discoloration read, praised:. "So young, will be able to arrange such a
circle, the circle of your talent, I have strange enough"

  for Lee read the mountain of praise, unparalleled floor disciples Puzzled.

  Chen Fei was also confused, with a solemn expression. He ignored Li Yueshan's words and just
looked at him quietly.

  Li Shan reading to see Chen Fei did not respond, his eyes slightly changes a bit, then opening
said:. "In fact, I come to you, not for you to take revenge, but there is one thing you want to ask"

  Heard Not only Chen Fei, but even Shen Yichi was shocked, but Li Yueshan even said such a

  For a time, everyone's eyes turned to Li Yueshan.

  Chen Fei said in a deep voice: "Ask me one thing? What is it?"

  Li Yueshan glanced at Shen Yichi, then looked at Chen Fei again, and said, "My disciple told me
that you hold a Wushuanglou personally passed on the disciple token, and it was an old token more
than 20 years ago. "

  Mentioning the token, Chen Fei moved slightly and thought of the jade card left by his mother-in-
law. What about? "

  Li Yueshan said:" If yes, I would like to ask Mr. Chen to return my Wushuanglou token. "

  "Return the token?" Chen Fei meditation, puzzled expression, some puzzled why Li Yueshan
valued the token so much, even for the token, specially took a group of people out of the mountain to

  Shen Yichi was also surprised, but he didn't expect his master to come for tokens.

  It should be said that the token is just an ordinary Wushuanglou personal discipleship token. There
is nothing special except for the old version. Why Li Yueshan wanted this token.

  After thinking for a while, Chen Fei looked at Li Yueshan and said, "No matter whether I have this
token or not, it has nothing to do with you. Why should I give it to you?"

  Wen Yan, Li Yueshan's face sank. The smiley face was a little dull at the moment. The tone also
became heavy, "Because that's my token of Wushuanglou, Mr. Chen's carrying on his body is definitely
more harmful than beneficial. I want to take it back, also for Mr. Chen's sake."

  "Of course, as compensation , I can promise you an excessive condition. "Li Yueshan looked at
Chen Feidao.

  Chen Fei didn't respond yet. Shen Yichi and other disciples were all surprised at this time.

  They can know how rare it is that Master Li Yueshan's personal commitment is that.

  You know, Li Yueshan is a master of martial arts in the later stage of the prefecture level, even if it
is in the Wushuang Building, it can be regarded as the existence of a high-rise. For the secular
dignitaries, it is even higher.

  In order to get help from Li Yueshan, how many people have come to the mountains and waded in
the water and promised many benefits, but they may not necessarily get it.

  Now, Chen Fei only needs to return the token to get a promise from Li Yueshan. In their view, this
is definitely a good thing. Even these disciples, they were a little emotional.

  However, at the moment Chen Fei, after listening to Li Yueshan's words, his expression calmed
down more and more.

  Li Yueshan promised such a big benefit, just to get a token. This made Chen Fei increasingly
suspect that after this token, there are other hidden secrets.

  Moreover, Chen Fei himself does not need Li Yueshan's so-called promise.

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