Novel Name : Magic Doctor: CEO Lady's Humble Husband

Chapter 1235

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"No, how could you--" Li Yueshan looked surprised and shouted.

  But before a word was finished, this magnificent and powerful momentum directly came over and
pressed Li Yueshan's body heavily on the ground.

  With a bang, Li Yueshan sagged directly, a sip of blood spewed out of his mouth, and his face was
extremely red.

  In the position where his feet were standing, two half-meter deep potholes appeared, and his legs
had fallen into it.

  With one blow, Li Yueshan was oppressed to this place. Such scenes made all the disciples in
Wushuanglou dumbfounded.


  "How is it possible, this kind of strength."

  "One master defeated the master at the later stage of the prefecture level . What kind of warrior is

  he ?" "How old is he? How could he have such strength?"

  ......... For

  a time, many disciples turned their attention to Shen Yichi, and seemed to be questioning him. Did
n’t you say that Chen Fei was just a casual practitioner? Why is it so powerful now?

  At the moment, Shen Yichi was also frightened, and the whole person was stunned. It was
completely unexpected that Chen Fei's strength could reach this level, which was completely beyond
his imagination.

  In the dull and surprised eyes of Wushuanglou, Chen Fei put away his right hand and carried it
behind his back. He came to Li Yueshan step by step, looked at him quietly, and said: "Now, I know my
strength Come on! "

  Li Yueshan showed a complex look on his face. He looked at Chen Fei and said in a deep voice:"
Who the hell are you? Why do you have such strength? "

  Chen Fei said lightly:" It doesn't matter who I am. . What I want you to know is that the reason why
I did n’t kill you is because I have something to ask you. "

  "Ask me something?" Li Yueshan stunned for a moment, and immediately thought of something,
his face could not help changing.

  At this time, Chen Fei took out a jade card from his arms and took it in front of Li Yueshan, said
lightly: "The jade card you want to take back is this!"

  Li Yueshan stared at the jade card with his eyes fixed. After a closer look, a look of surprise
flashed in his eyes, "You really have this jade card! How did you get it--"

  Chen Fei turned his palm over and closed the jade card before asking again. : "How do I get this
jade brand, you don't need to know. Now, I want to ask you, why do you want to take back this jade
brand? Even for it, specially brought so many people to Longjiang City?"

  Li Yue Shan Wenyan changed his face, then shook his head and said, "I don't know." "I do

  n't know?" Chen Fei snorted coldly , and said sharply, "Do you think I'm a kid? Can such words
deceive me?" "

  Feeling the horrible ice cold sent out by Chen Fei, Li Yueshan shook his body and shook his head,
then said:" I can't say, this is the secret of my high-rise building, I can't reveal it. "

  " Can't reveal! " "Chen Fei's tone dropped, and then his right hand was stretched out, standing on
top of Li Yueshan's head. Spewing, with the pressure of terror, as if extremely heavy boulders hanging
over the head of General Lee read the mountain.

  "I, I really can't disclose it. I disclosed this news, Zongmen will not let me go." Li Yueshan shouted
with a pleading look, "Mr. Chen, I'm wrong, I know wrong . Anything you want me to do is ok, but I
really ca n’t reveal Zongmen ’s secret! "

  Facing Li Yueshan ’s pleading, Chen Fei ’s face did not change color, and his palm fell again. A
centimeter away, "Would you rather die than reveal the secret?"


"I, I--" Li Yueshan looked embarrassed and hesitated.

  Chen Fei did not give him any time to hesitate and said directly: "Since that is the case, it is
useless for you to stay. Let's die--"

  Chen Fei's palm will be shot down during the speech.

  At this very moment, Li Yueshan shouted in horror, "I said, I said. Don't kill me, don't kill me."

  At this moment, it was almost attached to the palm of Chen Fei's scalp and stopped at the last
minute. Down.

  Chen Fei stared at Li Yueshan and said in a cold voice: "Say!"

  Li Yueshan looked at the people around him and said to Chen Fei: "It's

  a matter of importance, can I change places?" Chen Fei nodded and looked back at Sun Fengqin

  Sun Fengqin agreed, and immediately said: "Master Chen, go to my practice room!"

  "Yes!" Chen Fei nodded, and then picked up Li Yueshan with one hand, as if carrying a chicken,
carrying Li Yueshan directly and left.

  At this time, Shen Yichi and other disciples of Wushuanglou watched his master being taken away
in such an embarrassing situation, and all were stunned, standing staring at the same place, wondering
what to do.

  At the same time, Chen Fei carried Li Yueshan to Sun Fengqin's practice room.

  Throwing Li Yueshan on the ground, Chen Fei sat in his chair and looked at Li Yueshan: "The
secret of the jade brand, you can tell it now!"

  "I, I--" Li Yueshan was hesitant. , But seeing Chen Fei's face look cold, his heart fluttered suddenly,
and quickly said, "I said, I said." After a

  slight pause, Li Yueshan said, "Actually, the reason I value that jade card so much. Is Because,
that jade card is related to a rumor in our Wushuanglou for 20 years. "

  " What rumor? "Chen Fei asked.

  Li Yueshan said: "It is rumored that there is a clue of a treasure hidden in this jade card. If you can
get this jade card, you may be able to get a clue to find the treasure."

  "Clue, treasure!" Chen Fei did not Thinking that the jade card was actually linked to the treasure,
he immediately asked, "What kind of treasure is it?"

  Li Yueshan shook his head and said: "I don't know what the treasure is, that's a secret only known
to the top. But, I listen Having said that, the treasure is very precious. More than 20 years ago, the
head of Wushuang Building learned about the treasure, and they all value it very much. "

  " Uh-- "Chen Fei was really surprised. The head of Wushuang Building was really heaven. Master
of the realm. The treasures that warriors of this level must value are absolutely extraordinary.

  After a pause, Chen Fei continued to ask: "As far as I know, this jade card is just a token of your
old discipleship from Wushuanglou. How could it be connected to the treasure, and it is still such a
precious treasure."

  Li Yueshan said: "Actually, I don't know this too. I just vaguely know that this matter seems to be
related to a traitor disciple inside our Wushuang Building more than 20 years ago."

  "At the time, I heard that we had a Wushuang Building out a talented disciple, betrayed the door
division. later, do not know what the reasons were returned to the door, mentioned something precious
treasure, is head and other senior very valued. " "

  a few years later, this renegade disciple , And fled from Zongmen again. It caused Shimen's anger,
looking for him everywhere, but did not find it. It was also after this incident that our Wushuanglou
disciple tokens were revised and reworked. All the old tokens fully recovered, replaced now this token.
" "

  However, the recovery of the old version of the token is not all of which scarce pro-disciple token, it
is has been the lack of one. so over the years, we are unparalleled in the House While looking for the
token, would like to find clues from the treasure. "

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